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A beautifully finished Trifecta ready to show her stuff!
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Side view.  I love the use of the NAR stickers on the first stage.
dsc01336.jpg (21735 bytes)
Liftoff! Beautiful boost, however (as happened to me last week), the stages didn't separate but the stages lit, gutting the model.  Good construction techniques made the fins recoverable and the model repairable.
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RSO table early in the day.  As the day got warmer (and the sun poked through) they put up a canopy
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Tony's area is always fun to walk through!
dsc01350.jpg (77154 bytes)
Same from the other direction
dsc01351.jpg (52454 bytes)
Frick-n-Frack takes to the air!
dsc01352.jpg (41268 bytes)
Great boost!
dsc01353.jpg (29090 bytes)
Nearly arrow straight!
DSC01353aa.jpg (19719 bytes)
Here's a running sequence through and past stage separation
dsc01356.jpg (21944 bytes)
A close up of the staging event looks as though he kicked the booster motor. 
dsc01361.jpg (97713 bytes)
The Mighty Micro Saturn V (possible new kit)
dsc01362.jpg (36732 bytes)
I LOVE this view!  This puppy is only 0.448" in diameter but looks massive sitting there! (of course the gigantic micro (macro) clips there kinda ruin the effect... LOL)
dsc01364.jpg (71658 bytes)
Nice shot of a Long Overdue right after ignition
dsc01365.jpg (80799 bytes)
Another shot (2nd launch) of the Saturn V
dsc01367.jpg (58531 bytes)
One thing I love about the new camera is I can get better shots of micro's leaving the pad!
dsc01368.jpg (19027 bytes)
Heck, I even caught it WELL off the pad!
dsc01378.jpg (55276 bytes)
Nice shot of the range (6 pads today) with a rocket launching on the left
dsc01379.jpg (58015 bytes)
Shadow Lord under D power!
dsc01384.jpg (66969 bytes)
RSO and LCO as a rocket takes to the air!
dsc01386.jpg (52323 bytes)
Kewl shot!
dsc01390.jpg (73632 bytes)
My booth set up.  Today I opted for no tent or display rack.
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Right side of the field.  A pretty good turnout though many were concerned about the current weather as well as preparing for tomorrow, in light of the upcoming storm
dsc01393.jpg (56891 bytes)
Nice launch of a very white rocket...
dsc01394.jpg (57791 bytes)
Tony's kit-bash of a FlisKits PayLord kit.  Very nice!
dsc01395.jpg (34110 bytes)
All 3 motors lit!
dsc01399.jpg (26363 bytes)
She climbs nicely.  If you look closely, you can see the small digi-cam attached to the side of the model.  Can't wait to see the footage!
dsc01405.jpg (28022 bytes)
Nice near-field recovery too
dsc01406.jpg (64411 bytes)
Unlike some of the models that had a rougher recovery...
dsc01408.jpg (88421 bytes)
Steve and Mike relax while watching some launches
dsc01409.jpg (69201 bytes)
A Bull's Eye puts in a great show.  This is a FUN little rocket :)
dsc01413.jpg (70698 bytes)
Here I am posing with a modified Thing-a-ma-Jig.  A bit worried about those forward fins, but she did good on an A8 motor.  Now for the C motor
dsc01414.jpg (59031 bytes)
Almost missed it, but here's a Deuce's Wild going up.  The model got to the top of the rod on one motor before the second one lit.  Very cool flight.
dsc01416.jpg (76064 bytes)
Mod-Thing-a-ma-Jig getting set up on the pad.
dsc01417.jpg (58278 bytes)
Off she goes on a C motor!  Not so great this time.  With the added speed we could really see the effect of those forward fins as she did a bit of sky-writing before settling down.
dsc01421.jpg (38721 bytes)
Here you can see as she begins to turn during boost.
dsc01424.jpg (51486 bytes)
Nice boost!
dsc01426.jpg (27632 bytes)
This is my fav shot of Daniel's A-7 Corsair II.  I love it!
dsc01427.jpg (33463 bytes)
Bill chases one down (and caught it too!)
dsc01429.jpg (46842 bytes)
Another thing I love about this camera is the fast buffer it has for burst pictures.  This is Jim's Bucky Jones on a FAST F motor at the moment of ignition.
dsc01430.jpg (46205 bytes)
Coming off the pad, I don't think this motor had more than about 400 milliseconds of burn (0.40 seconds)
dsc01431.jpg (45861 bytes)
Clearing the rod, there she goes!
dsc01432.jpg (35439 bytes)
Love the burn on that motor.
dsc01433.jpg (26005 bytes)
Higher and higher in the blink of an eye
dsc01434.jpg (23695 bytes)
Till motor burnout.  Nice sequence!
dsc01440.jpg (25837 bytes)
And, of course, the near field recovery!
dsc01443.jpg (58107 bytes)
CMASS is considering a new operating procedure where we hold a parade after each launch...  Go for it, Kenn!
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