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dsc02208.jpg (129648 bytes)
Tony's blanket with another selection of very nice models.
dsc02209.jpg (85840 bytes)
Final check on the Nantucket Sound
dsc02210.jpg (65054 bytes)
First launch of the day!  Good stuff :)
dsc02212.jpg (100911 bytes)
A couple of artsy shots of the field
dsc02213.jpg (110377 bytes)
The equipment around the field looks nice if the photo is framed properly
dsc02214.jpg (75043 bytes)
A look back at the launch area showing the light turnout on this cold, breezy day.
dsc02215.jpg (76548 bytes)
Boris frightens the new comers with the TOGinator!
dsc02216.jpg (65305 bytes)
The Tres make a showing!
dsc02217.jpg (52403 bytes)
Turning in a great flight!  Not sure of the motors used, but based on the wind, B motors would have been recommended!
dsc02218.jpg (45959 bytes)
Good recovery too!
dsc02219.jpg (65124 bytes)
A rocket sails past the CMASS flag
dsc02220.jpg (56819 bytes)
Bender puts in a show too!
dsc02221.jpg (98979 bytes)
It wouldn't be a CMASS launch without a Deuce's Wild!
dsc02223.jpg (90878 bytes)
CMASS food services division...
dsc02224.jpg (70596 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!
dsc02225.jpg (65914 bytes)
An interesting way to look at Tony's models :)
dsc02226.jpg (21220 bytes)
When I saw this two stager, I was questioning the wisdom considering the high winds.  Oddly enough, while the sustainer landed quite close by, the BOOSTER landed WAY on the other side of the field!
dsc02227.jpg (94508 bytes)
Another shot of the group gathered on this crisp day
dsc02229.jpg (44732 bytes)
TOGinator on the GO!
dsc02239.jpg (123987 bytes)
Proto of an upcoming kit, the Celtic Thunder, from the mind of Ray DiPaola
dsc02242.jpg (45663 bytes)
On the pad and ready to go!
dsc02243.jpg (58775 bytes)
Flown with an A8-3 (cuz I love flying rockets, just hate chasing them! LOL)
dsc02245.jpg (32488 bytes)
Nice, arrow straight flight!
dsc02250.jpg (74146 bytes)
An interesting pumpkin colored rockets
dsc02251.jpg (97546 bytes)
Setting up the Corona-2 (with booster).  I missed getting pix of the launch, but she turned in a great flight on a pair of B motors!
dsc02252.jpg (86598 bytes)
One of my kids from the Academy of Science and Design rocketry classes came for the launch and flew his Rhino from last year.  Bless his mom (right) for braving the cold!
dsc02253.jpg (86836 bytes)
The very definition of anticipation, as they wait for an available pad
dsc02254.jpg (39132 bytes)
Houston, we have liftoff!
dsc02255.jpg (31551 bytes)
R/C glider takes to the air from the HPR pads.
dsc02256.jpg (118792 bytes)
Can't recall the name of this rocket, but, MAN, that's pretty!
dsc02257.jpg (41602 bytes)
Looks as good in the air as it does on the ground!
dsc02258.jpg (74108 bytes)
A Triskelion puts in a great flight.
dsc02259.jpg (49587 bytes)
Looking back on the field as a rocket takes to the air
dsc02262.jpg (64222 bytes)
A second launch as seen from the same area.  This time is was the Bender rocket!
DSC02262crop.jpg (26780 bytes)
See?? :)
dsc02263.jpg (91771 bytes)
The crowd actually got larger near the end of the day.  No doubt in anticipation of the night launch we have scheduled.
dsc02264.jpg (112736 bytes)"
A young man looking through our rocket catalog.  Yep, that's the ticket!
dsc02265.jpg (82270 bytes)
Don't know the name of this rocket, but it is BEAUTIFUL!  It had a mishap during boost (which I missed) and pretty much re-kitted itself...
dsc02266.jpg (69718 bytes)
Another test flight of the Tesla, on a B motor.
dsc02269.jpg (37771 bytes)
Looking good in the air, I had concerns with her stability and wanted to test her on a windy day.
dsc02273.jpg (46087 bytes)
While she boosted upward, she did get a bit squirrelly which will be addressed and corrected before we kit this model.
dsc02274.jpg (42365 bytes)
With the sun dipping low in the sky, I decided to try to get some nice sunset pix.
dsc02279.jpg (35701 bytes)
CMASS crew discussing the take down of the field.
dsc02281.jpg (41438 bytes)
The CMASS flag at sunset.
dsc02286.jpg (42732 bytes)
Taking the field down is a group effort.
dsc02288.jpg (43396 bytes)
Yep, the sunset was spectacular!
dsc02298.jpg (20603 bytes)
One of our first night launch vehicles
dsc02309.jpg (21315 bytes)
Boris' UFO, all lit up for the night launch.  He flew this beast TWICE!
dsc02312.jpg (26730 bytes)
You can JUST make out Boris as he hooks up the igniter lieads.
dsc02321.jpg (28168 bytes)
Liftoff was spectacular!
dsc02323.jpg (28058 bytes)
The pix don't do it justice
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