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Claude with his own foam cup rocket design (this one separates mid-point instead of rear ejection)
dsc00445.jpg (25057 bytes)
Flew beautifully, several times!
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Bill off at away cell A
dsc00447.jpg (95837 bytes)
Scott with a beautifully finished Deuces Wild Cherry and Purple Haze (Rock Star).  Simply beautiful!
dsc00448.jpg (27459 bytes)
WHOOPS! I missed the launch of Bill's rocket, but got this recovery shot.
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Nicely detailed Mercury Atlas turns in a great flight.
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Early in the day folks are still arriving.  At one point I counted 150 people with more still trickling in.
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Like a little city of rocketeers, everyone is busy, busy, BUSY!
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Hooking up the igniter on the Nantucket Sound
DSC00454crop.jpg (46986 bytes)
And we have liftoff!
DSC00454lapse.jpg (25995 bytes)
Great sequence of shots of the Nantucket Sound in flight
dsc00464.jpg (30025 bytes)
And, of course, the recovery shot!
dsc00465.jpg (111825 bytes)
The inside of my booth setup.  We would move the pop up every so often to keep everything in the shade.
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Another Decaffeinator with glider arrives at the field!
dsc00467.jpg (79720 bytes)
and we had folks wearing the FlisKits t-shirt...
dsc00468.jpg (101192 bytes)
...and browsing the FlisKits catalog...  It's all good!
dsc00470.jpg (84647 bytes)
Another view of the party that is a CMASS launch!
dsc00471.jpg (80183 bytes)
This was the first launch in a LONG time that we had lines at the RSO table.  You moved very quickly through the line, but it re-filled just as quickly!
dsc00472.jpg (26568 bytes)
The L-13 Goddard Rocket, beautifully finished, puts in a great flight.
dsc00475.jpg (40290 bytes)
And the old classic, Deuce's Wild!  It wouldn't be a CMASS launch without it!
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Even the Drake made an appearance!
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A young man hooking the clips up to his Thing-a-ma-Jig.
dsc00482.jpg (105829 bytes)
Another Deuce's Wild, modified, with a very kewl paint job!
dsc00483.jpg (33431 bytes)
Tony's Trifid, featuring the Tres engine mount, puts in a picture perfect flight as it sails past the CMASS flag.
dsc00484.jpg (20422 bytes)
Perfect flight of the Corona-2 (Corona kit plus booster).  Simply beautiful!
dsc00485.jpg (29043 bytes)
A Laser-X on a cluster of motors, turns in a great flight too!
dsc00486.jpg (112218 bytes)
Prepping rockets, talking rockets, flying rockets.  It's all about rockets out here today!
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