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p1010003.jpg (36525 bytes)
A beautifully finished Bull's Eye puts on a good show!
p1010004.jpg (36413 bytes)
The Estes Chrome Dome is always a crowd pleaser
p1010005.jpg (47256 bytes)
A great flight of my original proto type Nell rocket on a C6-3
p1010006.jpg (47183 bytes)
Here we can see the Nell as it lands about 10 feet into the tall, soaking wet grass...
p1010007.jpg (64114 bytes)
This lightly attended launch featured 6 pads arranged on a small table 20 feet from the launch controller.
p1010008.jpg (82958 bytes)
John hooks up the clips to his Praetor model
p1010009.jpg (34591 bytes)
JUST captured on boost, I didn't have a single pixel left over on this picture!
p1010013.jpg (57138 bytes)
Dad's and son's.  It's just so Christmas! :)
p1010015.jpg (38228 bytes)
The Rhino takes to the air!
p1010016.jpg (82733 bytes)
On the pad my Pheord X150, a Cheetah with an A8-0 booster and a modified Lil' Guy (unstable with those forward fins...)
p1010017.jpg (71737 bytes)
Lil' Guy away!  This was the best part of the flight...
p1010018.jpg (35467 bytes)
Perfect Cheetah launch.  The A8-0 booster caused staging to occur about 25 feet up which was wonderful!
p1010020.jpg (52342 bytes)
An Avalear puts in a good show too!
p1010022.jpg (39618 bytes)
This was Bill's dual camera rocket with the two camera's simulating binocular vision in the hopes of making a 3-D video.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of this.
p1010023.jpg (41205 bytes)
My Stingray off to fight space battles!
p1010025.jpg (47247 bytes)
Bill, looking for a tall ship, and a star to steer her by...
p1010026.jpg (47942 bytes)
A bright orange Thing-a-ma-Jig performs well!
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