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John's collection of very unusual and very kewl scratch builts
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Scott, outfitted for the cool weather, preps his first model
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Tony always has a nice spread of beautifully finished models to fly!
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The field starts to fill up early as folks set up for a day of rocketry FUN!
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My first on the pad is a second test (this time with a A8-3) of the K'tn'ga (Ke-Tinga) proto.
dsc01947.jpg (44157 bytes)
Also on the pads was this beautifully finished SEMROC Laser-X
dsc01948.jpg (151725 bytes)
And, it wouldn't be a CMASS launch without Bender!
dsc01949.jpg (102536 bytes)
Something must have ticked him off, cuz he's GONE!
dsc01950.jpg (59242 bytes)
Beautiful boost on the K'tn'ga
dsc01953.jpg (35461 bytes)
This is another one of those birds that just looks kewl in the air!
dsc01957.jpg (37205 bytes)
Problem is, it was woefully underpowered on the A motor (this is why we test!) and she came back nearly to the ground before ejecting the parachute.  Next test will be with a C motor!
dsc01959.jpg (60009 bytes)
Another classic, the Deuce's Wild sails past the CMASS flag
dsc01963.jpg (40136 bytes)
Beautiful trademark smoke trail as only the Deuce's Wild can provide! (well, not counting cheap imitations LOL)
dsc01966.jpg (33654 bytes)
Perfect flight up and back!
dsc01967.jpg (127986 bytes)
Can't tell, this is either John or Claude...  Kewl rocket though!
dsc01968.jpg (56014 bytes)
Don't know who's or what, but WOW!
dsc01970.jpg (92389 bytes)
Folks are getting comfortable as the sun warms the field up nicely
dsc01971.jpg (84769 bytes)
Ken relaxes with a hot dog after some LCO duty
dsc01972.jpg (127016 bytes)
Jim seemed to have a good day flying lots of fun stuff!
dsc01973.jpg (49723 bytes)
Helped the boys get this Richter Recker wired up for cluster operation.  I'm just glad my hook up worked! (man, THAT would have been embarrassing! LOL)
dsc01974.jpg (79949 bytes)
Next up was the proto Tesla, this time on a C6-3 motor (flew last week on a B)
dsc01975.jpg (82520 bytes)
Moment of ignition!
dsc01977.jpg (36978 bytes)
I don't care WHO you are, THAT is kewl looking!
dsc01978.jpg (44663 bytes)
Nice, straight boost, she turned in a great flight
dsc01981.jpg (44720 bytes)
Hoping to come out with this kit late spring, so keep watch!
dsc01984.jpg (40402 bytes)
The beautiful, clear blue sky makes for a great backdrop in rocket photography :)
dsc01985.jpg (37979 bytes)
Safe and sound, she landed less than 10 feet from the pad she left from.  Yep, a GOOD day to fly!
dsc01986.jpg (44577 bytes)
This Cheetah kicked the booster motor after the sustainer lit...  Not good!
dsc01987.jpg (35273 bytes)
The Night Whisper also showed her colors, turning in an arrow straight flight!
dsc01989.jpg (38834 bytes)
Followed by a picture perfect recovery!  Can anyone help me identify the owner?
dsc01992.jpg (153670 bytes)
Nice looking Nike sitting in the grass waiting for her turn on the pads.
dsc01994.jpg (81287 bytes)
The Laser-X again (I missed the first launch)
dsc01995.jpg (69823 bytes)
Beautiful boost (not sure of the motor used)
dsc01996.jpg (42200 bytes)
This is why I love the burst setting on my camera!
dsc01998.jpg (43612 bytes)
These angled shots are SO cool!
dsc02004.jpg (39769 bytes)
Beautiful flight, start to finish!
dsc02005.jpg (49830 bytes)
Tony's Trifid, with a Tres engine mount, takes to the air on a triplet of C motors!
dsc02006.jpg (39147 bytes)
Up, up and away!
dsc02010.jpg (34666 bytes)
Nice, dark blue back drop.  Man, does that look cool or what!?
dsc02016.jpg (36568 bytes)
Perfect recovery
dsc02018.jpg (100301 bytes)
Tony walking back wit his Trifid
dsc02019.jpg (63441 bytes)
Bob looks so contemplative...
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At times we had long lines at the RSO table, but the lines moved quickly!
dsc02021.jpg (104494 bytes)
Rockets of every size and shape.  Typical of a CMASS launch!
dsc02023.jpg (64191 bytes)
No details, but very kewl!
dsc02025.jpg (30024 bytes)
Second launch of the Richter Recker (that I know of)
dsc02026.jpg (56595 bytes)
As they say, rocketeers do it on impulse!
dsc02027.jpg (30909 bytes)
Scotty's Rock Star (Purple Haze) puts in a great flight!
dsc02033.jpg (39690 bytes)
Nice shot way up high!
dsc02047.jpg (31286 bytes)
Nice recovery too!  This thing no sooner hit the ground and I sold one to a customer who was VERY impressed with the flight of Scotty's model!  Thank you, Scotty.  Sorry, no commission... LOL
dsc02037.jpg (73907 bytes)
It was a wonderful day to fly!
dsc02048.jpg (98268 bytes)
Tony pauses to watch a launch, as he prepares for his next flight.
dsc02052.jpg (66953 bytes)
THIS is why we all love Boris!   Just look at the tail end of that rocket! (I missed the launch though...)
dsc02054.jpg (113400 bytes)
Yep, this is a wonderful way to spend the day :)
dsc02055.jpg (87233 bytes)
Craig gets his Tri-skeleton ready for launch
dsc02060.jpg (53881 bytes)
Another reason we all love Boris!  You can actually SEE the spin action in the smoke vortex...
dsc02061.jpg (41099 bytes)
This is what you call Fat Smoke Trail!
dsc02067.jpg (42556 bytes)
Dang, but that's sweet!
dsc02071.jpg (32491 bytes)
Jet models always make for great photo's!
dsc02075.jpg (41561 bytes)
Oh yeah!
dsc02079.jpg (58096 bytes)
Meant to launch my Journeyman at the Anniversary launch, but never go the chance...
dsc02080.jpg (124541 bytes)
A local TARC team testing their creation all day long!
dsc02081.jpg (66091 bytes)
POWER in a cylinder!
dsc02084.jpg (54276 bytes)
The Morning Star puts in a great show!
dsc02091.jpg (36367 bytes)
Here we go!  Journeyman (our newest kit) on a D12-3
dsc02093.jpg (40750 bytes)
Another beauty in the air!
dsc02096.jpg (39037 bytes)
This thing is just begging to be converted to 3-stage operation...
dsc02099.jpg (35001 bytes)
Perfect recovery and ready for another flight!
dsc02100.jpg (38278 bytes)
I missed capturing the launch, but I believe this was Bill's hybrid returning on a ridiculously large parachute.  Beautiful, actually!
dsc02103.jpg (30457 bytes)
I just LOVE these Soviet vehicles!
dsc02108.jpg (42088 bytes)
Gotta, just GOTTA fly foam!
dsc02109.jpg (29158 bytes)
Hard to do, but captured Dave's micro TOG during boost!
dsc02113.jpg (79658 bytes)
Tony's beautifully finished Saturn V on a cluster of 5!
dsc02121.jpg (43367 bytes)
Looks like the real thing!
dsc02124.jpg (35367 bytes)
Near perfect recovery.  Notice how the forward section is a bit nose-down.  This resulted on snapping off the escape tower...
dsc02128.jpg (40175 bytes)
The Decaffeinator always turns in a great show.  The accessory glider is just frosting on the cake!
dsc02134.jpg (39048 bytes)
perfect flight and perfect deployment.  Great stuff!
dsc02137.jpg (81211 bytes)
We heard 3, 2, 1, ignition!  POP!  TING!  The pop was the nozzle blowing from one of the two motors on this Deuce's Wild.  The TING was the nozzle smacking the blast deflector...
dsc02138.jpg (56082 bytes)
Here, you can clearly see the left motor is just blowing flame...
dsc02139.jpg (58013 bytes)
Arcing over, she turned in a very interesting show like this...
dsc02143.jpg (30432 bytes)
Certainly made for an interesting flight (and interesting set of pictures too!)
dsc02145.jpg (28449 bytes)
Nice shot of the Trifecta putting in a show.  She arced over a LOT during the first stage boost but still gave us a great flight, all 3 stages!
dsc02159.jpg (105718 bytes)
Yep, we even had a mini tent city thing going today :)
dsc02160.jpg (69892 bytes)
My last launch of the day was Nell on a C6-3.  If you look closely you can see the launch rod I stuck in the ground to pull the igniter leads away from the rocket upon ignition.  Check out the clips (near the bottom cone on the rocket) and you can see it worked perfectly!
dsc02164.jpg (37099 bytes)
Beautiful boost
dsc02169.jpg (40796 bytes)
Goddard would have been proud :)
dsc02170.jpg (89252 bytes)
Scott with an interesting design that makes use of our 13mm Tres engine mount kit in a mid-body position.  Very kewl!  I missed the launch of this one though...
dsc02172.jpg (64801 bytes)
Nearing the end of the day, we have a lighter field of people with a rocket sailing into the air.
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