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First up, for me, was my 24mm UFFO on a C11 motor.  Because I didn't have a booster, the ejection charge toasted the forward cup a bit.  This model will be launched at NARAM with a rainbow of streamers attached to the outer cups!
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A beautifully finished Mystic ready for flight
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Perfect boost and recovery!
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John with is beautiful Frick-n-Frack as he heads for the RSO table.
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This is also John's Tiddlywink.  He flew this model about 4 times this afternoon!  Great fun :)
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A V-2 turns in a spectacular flight.
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It was a good day for saucers and the Frick-n-Frack models were out in force!
p1010024.jpg (46664 bytes)
One of several jet models that I saw today.
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A "Rob Edmonds" Twin Deltie (I think - dual rocket gliders) takes to the air
p1010028.jpg (99871 bytes)
My proto Trifecta.  I had a fin broken from the last flight and quickly repaired it this morning.
p1010029.jpg (53893 bytes)
Drag race with boost gliders
p1010030.jpg (49746 bytes)
Trifecta away!  Wouldn't you know it, my quick repair hadn't dried and the same fin broke along the glue line... good flight though!
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A shot of my booth.
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I saw a Decaffeinator going up on the pad and wanted to get a picture of it.  All of a sudden I heard the announcement and countdown as I frantically tried to power up my camera in time...  I was surprised that I even got her in frame as I just aimed into the air and hit the shutter button! LOL
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We had a very respectable turnout today.  At one point I counted 85 people.
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An unpainted Tres going for her maiden flight.
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All 3 motors lit, but a gust of wind sent her heading UP wind.  The result was that she was lost at the top of a very tall tree.  man....!
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