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Even as the field set up was just beginning we can see folks setting up their areas (about an hour before the launch starts)
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This was one of the first launches of the day, Peter's Lil-Nuke on a F23-7FJ  (294 launches in all)
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The weird skies made for tough photo conditions...
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Doug's Nantucket Sound.  Great flight though a snarled chute caused a cracked fin.
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The crowd starts to fill in on this chilly, windy morning.
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Tony and Bob discuss rocketry most serious :)
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Don't they know this is Red Sox Nation...???  
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Claud's Bronx Bomber (Richter Recker) puts in a great flight.  Upon recovery, the upper section broke loose glided in for a perfect landing.
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Wouldn't be a CMASS launch without a Deuce taking to the air!
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Looking out at folks, from my booth.
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Cam with his Bull's Eye and his WONDERFUL micro bull's eye.  I told him that it was really a Bull-Frog's Eye... LOL
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My booth.  The early wind was unexpected and made keeping the booth tidy nearly impossible...
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Admiring Bob's paper Soyuz
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For good reason!  This thing turned in a great flight (though the nose separated and was recovered with minor damage)
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Proto of the upcoming Cougar 220 (1/8A SD model) coming in May
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Close up of the unique micro Pop-Lug arrangement (worked perfectly!)
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The A.C.M.E. Spitfire shows her stuff!
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Perfect flight, perfect recovery!
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There were many jets in flight today as well.
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The Flea is ready for flight!  One of several flights of this model, including a NARTREC streamer flight qualfication.  Congrats!
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ohhhh - Trouble brewing... (this is NOT going to end well - and it didn't...)
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One of several flights for this Flea!
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Another staple of the CMASS launch is the Frick-n-Frack!
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Upon staging, you can clearly see the booster motor being kicked out.  No impact on the flight.
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Here you can see the booster drifting back (lower right) while the sustainer (upper left) continues its flight
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SEMROC Laser-X turns in a great flight.
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A gold and white Rhino wow's the crowed :)
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Doug's Tartar put in a great flight too!
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Proto of the upcoming Trifecta model, flying on 3 B6-0 motors.  This was the 4th flight of this hand-cut proto and she broke a 3rd stage fin shortly after final staging.
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From the underside, you can clearly see each stage.
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One of Tony's beautiful models takes to the air!
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Climbing nicely, she looks good in the air!
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Washed out a bit, but you can clearly see her still climbing.  Love those cut-aways in the fins.
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Coasting to deployment!
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Trifecta soars past the CMASS flag.
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Scott readies one of his many fine creations
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Dang!  That thing actually LOOKS like a rocket!  Can that really be Scott???
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Flies as well as it looks too :)
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Morning Star
races for the sky!
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Tony's beautiful Saturn V with a centeral 24mm and 4 18mm cluster
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Coming off the pad, she seemed a bit under powered...
DSC00862crop.jpg (28876 bytes)
Here we can see why... Clearly not all the motors lit...
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The result was a rather squirrelly flight
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While it remained somewhat stable, it strongly leaned with the off-center power
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Upon burn out she was laying on her side and began to drop slowly.  This is what you call a "pregnant pause..."
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WHEW!  Laundry deployed plenty high enough for a safe and soft recovery.
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Cam poses with his Bull's Eye.  Between him and Doug, there were about 8 Bull's Eye launches and I missed all but one of them...
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An attempt at a Thing-a-ma-Jig drag race resulted in only one leaving the pad...
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Bull's Eye AWAY!
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Tony's Trifid on a triplet of 24mm motors.  Beautiful use of the 24mm Tres engine mount accessory!
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