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dsc00378.jpg (77593 bytes)
I didn't catch this young mans name, but he had the most wonderfully finished Frick-n-Frack (with decals he made himself).
dsc00379.jpg (107197 bytes)
It really was beautiful and flew as well as it looked!
dsc00384.jpg (70983 bytes)
Tony's Mystic with a beautiful finish puts in a great flight on a B4-4 motor
dsc00385.jpg (79622 bytes)
That was followed by that beautiful Frick-n-Frack!
dsc00386.jpg (43385 bytes)
Here she is shortly after boost.  It's hard to tell, with the dark Frack, but it is still all together!
dsc00387.jpg (43223 bytes)
Booster still burning, she goes for a LONG ride on the C6-0
dsc00388.jpg (39981 bytes)
Still she boosts, with the sustainer yet to go!
dsc00389.jpg (40688 bytes)
Houston, we have staging!
dsc00390.jpg (46187 bytes)
An arrow straight flight, start to finish!  You can see Frick in the lower right of this image as Frack screams to an incredible altitude (well, for a BP saucer... LOL)
dsc00391.jpg (40855 bytes)
Nearing the end of her burn, Frack begins to arc over to return to earth!
dsc00394.jpg (99174 bytes)
The Bull's Eye takes to the air!
dsc00395.jpg (54074 bytes)
Followed by the MTTM doo-Hickey on a micro motor
dsc00396.jpg (48706 bytes)
From my booth I was able to catch this picture of the Triskelion feeling her oats!
dsc00397.jpg (57328 bytes)
I am not sure who's this is (or what the name is), but it turned in a great flight!
dsc00398.jpg (59891 bytes)
This is the one I was waiting for all day... My boiler-plate of a 3-stage saucer tentatively called "Stage Coach" (or Triplet, or Trinity, or Moe, Larry, Curly, or.... (long list... LOL ))
dsc00399.jpg (71878 bytes)
On B6-0/B6-0/B6-0 she came off the pad nice and straight...
dsc00400.jpg (46764 bytes)
And climbed at an incredible rate, going arrow straight!
dsc00401.jpg (45673 bytes)
Here we have 1st stage separation and she continues on the straight and narrow!
dsc00402.jpg (44825 bytes)
With the 1st stage in the lower left, you can see the next staging event as she finishes her flight HIGH in the sky after a picture perfect flight!

NOTE: She was later flown on C6 motors for a repeat (though much higher) flight.  Watch for this kit in the coming months!

dsc00403.jpg (87517 bytes)
While I was out to retrieve the middle stage of the Stage Coach, I came across this interesting depression in the snow...
dsc00404.jpg (70193 bytes)
Here she is, safe and sound.  A simply incredible flight!

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