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Our Boys & Girls Club programs have been greatly curtailed this year due to budget cuts, but we're bringing some things back as we work to get more and more members to join up and sign up for classes.  First to return (for me) was rocketry.  Instead of our earlier format of 7 week programs, we are running monthly programs (from 3-5 weeks long, depending on the month).  And we have restricted ourselves to the Beginner rocketry program only, for the time being.

Last month we did the Rhino.  Unfortunately I didn't get any photo's of the build.  Also, that was a 3-week course, due to the school schedule (2 weeks to build and one to launch).  The launch week was lost when we were hit with a snow storm that closed the schools.  Knowing that all of my kids were going to sign up for rocketry again, we decided to launch the Rhino's with the February program, which is the one covered in this album.

This month we built the Avalear.  I chose this model as I wanted to expose the newer kids to the art of cutting out balsawood fins from patterns.  They did VERY well and the perfect flights is proof of that!  We had some delays with the build as we had some students arrive beginning on day 2, and as a result we were not able to get the assembly 100% done.  A few of the kids were not able to finish the assembly and opted to not join us on the field when we flew.  Next time I hope they set aside a few moments to finish up any last minute assembly steps.  On this kit I think we were talking about gluing on the launch lug and, maybe, attaching a fin.  Not very time consuming tasks! :)

Enjoy the photo album.  Next month (March) should prove interesting as we will be offering Advanced rocketry as well.  With the two classes going we should be quite active!

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Enjoy these photo albums!  


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