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Initially our class sizes are small, with 4-8 rocketeers engaged in their favorite hobby
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Having built the Rhino last session (January - no photo album), they now work on the Avalear.
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The Avalear teaches them the skill of tracing and cutting out fins.
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Some had previous experience with cutting.
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Careful use of a straight edge helps with the cutting of fins.
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Even our more experienced students find that there is always something new to learn!
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Come launch day, I have the equipment all ready to go as I wait for the class to arrive.  Don't let the snow fool you.  It was a beautiful day with temps near 60!
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This young man is well ready for advanced rocketry (which is not currently offered), so he signed up for beginner rocketry just so that he could build rockets!  That's a REAL rocketeer!
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And his Avalear delivered a picture perfect flight!
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More Avalears and more smiles were the rule of the day
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As were some beautifully straight flights and great recoveries!
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One of our newest class members, proud and excited to fly his first rocket from class!
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Caught at the moment of ignition, his rocket turned in a picture perfect flight as well!
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Now, on to the Rhino's.  We were unable to fly last session due to snow days, so we're flying them today!  Moments before snapping this picture he stopped me so that he could turn the rocket to display the "FlisKits" markings.  I love it!
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Great flight with a arrow straight boost!
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Followed by a landing in the middle of the snow field.  The strong winds of the day filled the parachute, upon landing, and made for a merry chase to retrieve the model!
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This model delivered a perfect boost and, much to the chagrin of all, PERFECT deployment of the parachute (in small fields on windy days, this isn't always a good thing)...
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Beginning its flight up, the parachute deployed and filled right up full.  
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It drifted towards the school, dropping below roof level at the last second!  But wait!  An updraft lifted the model BACK up and over the lip of the roof!  ARGH!  (Follow Up: A gust of wind blew the model back off of the roof and on to the ground!  Recovered!)
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While building the Rhino kits, I wanted an additional challenge for our more advanced builder.  To that end I provided him with an extra tube, a tube coupler and 2 additional fins.
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The results were well worth it, especially for the smiles it brought to all involved!
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Actually a very dramatic look to a stretched Rhino with 6 fins!
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And a beautiful flight too!  We only had B6-4 and C6-5 motors available.  Better motors for this bird would be B6-2 or C6-3 with the shorter ejection charge.  On a B6-4 she went up about 300 feet and deployed her parachute about 50 feet from the ground!  Hair raising, to say the least!
NOTE: We have received word that next month we will be offering an advanced class in addition to the beginner class!  All classes will be held on Fridays with Beginner running from 3:15 - 5:00 and Advanced from 4:00 - 6:00 (with a 1 hour overlap of both classes)

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