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dsc00708.jpg (79655 bytes)
Building the alignment jigs for each of the kits.
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We then assemble the engine mount for the Bull's Eye.
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The advanced kids began cutting out their fin patterns for the Pheord X150.
dsc00711.jpg (81691 bytes)
These kids have a lot of experience with the knives, but still need to work on patience and technique :)
dsc00712.jpg (84093 bytes)
Showing off the fat body tube that comes with the Bull's Eye.
dsc00713.jpg (75470 bytes)
Fine tuning the cut job on the fins.
dsc00718.jpg (74470 bytes)
Our second week we have the engine mount installed (Bull's Eye) and begin attaching fins to the Pheord X150.
dsc00720.jpg (70195 bytes)
Fins attached, we will now cut out and attach the body shroud
dsc00721.jpg (71254 bytes)
A new tool these kids are learning is the use of epoxy in rocketry construction.  They did VERY well!
dsc00879.jpg (53450 bytes)
Sid with his stretched, painted Bull's Eye.  Great job!
dsc00880.jpg (61307 bytes)
Another angle showing the creative fun he had with this model!
This part begins our May (and final) rocketry session. 
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Our May class we built the Micro to the MAXX Dead Ringer model.  Here you can see the tail rings glued up as they begin work on the fins.
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We had two 90 min classes to build the Dead Ringer, but didn't need nearly that much time.  We spent about 30 minutes in each session building then spent the remainder of the time exploring other fun with respect to flying.  Here the kids explore "puddle jumpers"
dsc00884.jpg (64035 bytes)
Puddle jumpers are little helicopter toys that you spin in your hand and they take flight.
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It didn't take long before we decided that the hall way was just TOO restrictive to these high fliers, so we went to the gym!
0520111605.jpg (64323 bytes)
In the end, each student had done a wonderful job with their Dead Ringer models.
0520111609.jpg (33211 bytes)
Here's a close up, showing all five models.
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A sunny warm day was on hand for the launch.  Sadly, only 3 from our class was able to make it and one of those was unable to bring his models (the tall boy (second from the right) is my class helper, Shane)
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These kids got a new respect for micro models as they work to pack the streamer in that tiny body tube!
p1010037.jpg (90083 bytes)
This was the ONLY model from the April class that made it out to the field for a flight.  ggrrrrrr... :)
p1010038.jpg (42641 bytes)
Picture perfect.  None of the students had a clue what to expect from the Pheord X150, but were delighted with how she flew.  They were also delighted with how easy and quick it was to prep for flight!
p1010039.jpg (76282 bytes)
Even at this age your fingers can feel large and cumbersome when working with models so small.
p1010040.jpg (70154 bytes)
Ready to launch!  Unfortunately with my older camera on hand, I was unable to get a launch shot as these things really SCOOT off of the launch pad!
p1010042.jpg (70399 bytes)
Second of two Dead Ringer models ready to go!  Both turned in picture perfect flights landing in the infield of that baseball diamond you see in the background.
p1010043.jpg (41915 bytes)
Here is my attempt to capture the launch.  The next photo gives you an idea of why these are so hard to capture...
P1010043crop.jpg (47469 bytes)
This is a crop from the photo above.  Here we see that the launch clips have not even had the time to fall away and yet the rocket was already out of frame on the camera!  These things are QUICK!
p1010044.jpg (106105 bytes)
After our launch we had about an hour before parents were due to pick the kids up so I bought them all a frozen drink and we walked to the park to sit under a shade tree and, eventually, throw ice at each other... LOL

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