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Academy of Science and Design - Fall program

The spring program with the folks at the Academy for Science and Design in Merrimack was a great success.  So much so that they invited me back in the Fall to do a second program!  This time we split into two groups, beginners and intermediate with the intermediate class made up of students from the early class this past Spring.

This photo album is of the intermediate class, the smaller of the two.  We built and painted Praetor  kits.  As of this writing, the building phase is complete and we are scheduled to launch during the first week of January!  As an added feature we had 3 of the kids modify their kits.  The Praetor comes with two 9" tubes (One is the main BT-60 body tube and the other is a slimmer BT-55 upper tube).  One student got a double length main tube while another got a double length upper tube and one got to double the length of BOTH tubes!  We did this via a random drawing.  It will be interesting to see the flight differences between these and the stock kits.

The kids did a great job and we all had a ball.  It is my hope that this turns into a bi-annual event with Spring and Fall classes and that we can eventually include an advanced program.  Keep watch!

I hope to have this album updated in a few weeks with the launch pictures so stay tuned.

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.  If you see a photo of yourself (or your child) and would like a full size image, please send me an email and I will get it right out to you (be sure to include the specific filename of the photo you want).

Enjoy these photo albums!  


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