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We begin with the assembly of the engine mount as kids begin to measure and mark their motor tubes.
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One of the students discusses a topic (can't remember what it was though...) as others listen on
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While the fins are laser cut, we discussed the techniques and reasons for shaping the edges
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The kids learned how to sand their fin edges for a better look and flight.
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Some would quickly sand any edge they could make while others looked carefully for quality as well as matching edges.
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All enjoyed learning about how to control the shape of their fins.
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On to marking the fin lines on the body tube.  All appreciated the trick of using a door jam for drawing straight lines on a tube.
dsc02401.jpg (70588 bytes)
When door jams were unavailable the kids quickly learned that other surfaces and corners work just as well.
dsc02402.jpg (78837 bytes)
Learning about the "Double Glue" method, we got one fin attached this week.
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The following week we finished the fin attachement
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With all the fins attached, the kids learned the technique and need for glue-filets.
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Laying the rockets on their sides, to prevent the glue filets from dripping, we discussed rockets and did some show-n-tell
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Finishing the assembly, we attached the launch lug and the shock cord.
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The beginner class was a larger group covering 3 table groups in the room
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The bane of any rocketeer, the assembly of parachutes!
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Knot tying is always the most time-consuming part of these rocketry classes!
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But they all did very well and we got the chutes assembled.
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Our last week of construction was spent on finishing.  While we covered a host of finishing techniques the previous week we didn't have time in class to implement them
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So the kids just applied paint to the raw wood and we did our best to make our rockets more attractive!
dsc02484.jpg (82963 bytes)
I wonder if that candy cane in his mouth helped to inspire his color choices...
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The kids really enjoyed this part of the building experience.
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It isn't often that my classes can include painting (I often send them home with the kits to paint before launch) and this was a nice addition to the class.
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Nearly done, the kids keep working hard.
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Finishing touches make the difference!
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All done!  Well, mostly...  Class time ran out.  Many of the kids are bringing their models home to do additional painting.  It will be interesting to see the final jobs during our launch next year!
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Due to the cold weather (low 20's today), we decided to prep our rockets in the classroom
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In addition to preping and installing their motor, they learned how to pack their chutes.  Also, due to the cold weather, we all learned the technique and reasons for using talcum powder to soften up our chutes!
dsc02656.jpg (127906 bytes)
Yep, these kids are prepared for cold weather flying!
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First up, cold and colder still!
dsc02660.jpg (48474 bytes)
MUCH better success today, with good clean flights and near 100% on recovery.  A BIG part of this was the 8 degrees warmer (though sill COLD) temps.
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A nice shot of the group of kids and parents who are both launching and spectating!
dsc02662.jpg (106192 bytes)
Another pair ready to go.
dsc02663.jpg (67861 bytes)
Another good launch!  While I didn't get ALL of the launches in the camera, I got most of them
dsc02664.jpg (104245 bytes)
Hard to get good focus in the distance as the light levels were dropping like a rock!
dsc02665.jpg (68888 bytes)
Nearly missed this one!
dsc02666.jpg (108114 bytes)
A broken fin tip is not an issue with the Rhino.  That one (on the left) flew just fine!
dsc02668.jpg (98046 bytes)
As did the other one!
dsc02670.jpg (121857 bytes)
Here we have one of the kids from the intermediate class who was unable to fly yesterday (Praetor on the left)
dsc02671.jpg (55791 bytes)
That Praetor got off the pad so fast that I missed the launch.  If you look in the top of the picture you can see the motor exhaust and the tip of one fin!
dsc02672.jpg (122124 bytes)
Good recovery shot though!
dsc02673.jpg (68691 bytes)
dsc02674.jpg (91692 bytes)
Another great recovery!
dsc02675.jpg (101362 bytes)
And we're ready on pad 1 & 2!
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With the light getting less and less, the launch photo's get more and more dramatic
dsc02678.jpg (109515 bytes)
Nice shot showing the rocket (top right) and the rocketeer (bottom center)
dsc02679.jpg (86441 bytes)
Good catch!
dsc02680.jpg (108200 bytes)
Great example of forced perspective...  Look like Giant Rhino's! LOL
dsc02681.jpg (74633 bytes)
Great shot!  The flash exposure makes it look a lot darker than it is.
dsc02683.jpg (73962 bytes)
Love the apparent glow of the fin trim under the flash of the camera
dsc02684.jpg (55443 bytes)
Waiting under the rocket.  The low wind of today also aided in recovery
dsc02686.jpg (118901 bytes)
When I look at the thumbnail of this image it almost looks like a picture of the Nantucket Sound rocket on the far right... LOL
dsc02687.jpg (78059 bytes)
Houston, we have a GO for liftoff!
dsc02688.jpg (71539 bytes)
As dark as it looks, it was actually plenty light enough to sit and read a paper, if you wanted.
dsc02689.jpg (74370 bytes)
Then, off in the distance, we see the silhouette of the lone Rhino...  (just sounds so darned majestic, doesn't it??? :) )
dsc02690.jpg (96784 bytes)
OH!  I appear to have a Rhino up my nose! (a sentence I'd bet you NEVER expect to see in print...)
dsc02691.jpg (66633 bytes)
Roaring into the sky!
dsc02693.jpg (99306 bytes)
Great shot!
dsc02694.jpg (66673 bytes)
And equally great recovery!
dsc02695.jpg (104170 bytes)
Our last launch of the day...
dsc02696.jpg (92567 bytes)
Perfect launch! But, snarled parachute causing it to come in quickly on the hard frozen ground.  Very little damage tough!
That's it!

It has been a great few weeks, and we have one more class to go (lecture and puzzles).  I hope we do this again in the spring and make this a regular addition to the ASD after school activities!

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