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I had forgotten my camera the first week, where we assembled the engine mount for the Rhino.
dsc00714.jpg (86160 bytes)
When given the choice of starting to glue the fins on or getting a lesson in fin finishing, this proud group decided they wanted to learn how to finish a fin!
dsc00715.jpg (71704 bytes)
Using sand paper, the kids learned how to put a simple rounded edge to the leading edge of the fin.
dsc00717.jpg (83464 bytes)
This effort took up the remainder of the class and we will begin attaching the fins in our next session (after Spring break)
0509111517.jpg (98359 bytes)
Here we are, nearly finished with the Rhino models.
0509111518.jpg (72882 bytes)
Note a wide variety of fin applications.  The Rhino allows for a wide array of customization and these kids took advantage of it!
p1010003.jpg (93576 bytes)
As I do with most of my classes, we take a group photo BEFORE we fly because the kids are usually a lot happier before we begin loosing rockets... LOL (actually, we didn't loose any today, so there!)
p1010004.jpg (69729 bytes)
After learning, then doing, the flight prep, we begin with the first two rocketeers! (Note the different fin arrangements found in these first two Rhino's)
p1010005.jpg (29549 bytes)
Straight as an arrow!  I apologize for the photo quality.  My good camera was stolen and I am trying to remember how to run my older camera...
p1010006.jpg (16565 bytes)
Another perfect flight, up and back!
p1010007.jpg (63401 bytes)
Next up includes our first painted rocket!  Seems a lot of these kids wanted to fly naked today... 
p1010008.jpg (54926 bytes)
Nice shot showing the LCO (Launch Control Officer) pushing the button to launch his own rocket!
p1010009.jpg (39135 bytes)
Angled into the wind to help get it back to the launch area.
p1010010.jpg (54257 bytes)
More painted rockets!  Looking good too :)
p1010011.jpg (47982 bytes)
Painted rockets may not really FLY better, but they sure LOOK better going up :)
p1010012.jpg (28246 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!
p1010013.jpg (60485 bytes)
The boy on the right wanted to fly his NOVA instead of his Rhino.  Not a problem!
p1010014.jpg (37070 bytes)
The Green-Meany Rhino takes to the air!
p1010015.jpg (30945 bytes)
Followed by the Nova.  Great flight!
p1010017.jpg (63865 bytes)
Hard to see that one Rhino as it is the same color as his jacket!
p1010018.jpg (46416 bytes)
While doing a continuity check on the igniter, I hit the launch button so I missed the launch shot.  I did get a good recovery shot though.  We later re-launched this one so that he would have the chance of starting his own model :)
p1010020.jpg (38052 bytes)
Next one up I missed the launch shot cuz I was just too slow on the shutter...  Here's a recovery shot.  For those who think the kids shouldn't chase and catch their rockets...   ...poo on you. LOL
p1010021.jpg (60603 bytes)
More naked Rhino's ready to go!
p1010022.jpg (35148 bytes)
Beautiful straight boost...
p1010023.jpg (36564 bytes)
And great recovery!
p1010025.jpg (30569 bytes)
Another missed launch shot, but I got the recovery shot!
p1010026.jpg (55953 bytes)
Another pair of new rocketeers!
p1010027.jpg (24951 bytes)
Boosting straight and true
p1010028.jpg (44693 bytes)
Perfect ending to a perfect flights!
p1010030.jpg (18691 bytes)
High up and under chute
p1010031.jpg (50679 bytes)
Landing very close to the launch area
p1010032.jpg (50769 bytes)
Make up launch for the one goofed up earlier
p1010033.jpg (30679 bytes)
Picture perfect!
p1010034.jpg (44731 bytes)
Recovery is perfect as well!
This was my first time working with ASD.  I look forward to working with them again and hope that this becomes an annual event!  Thank you for the opportunity and let's begin planning next year!

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