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FlisKits 9th Anniversary Celebration!
At the Amesbury field with CMASS

I was not prepared for the size of this launch nor the warmth and support that greeted us out on the cool field in Amesbury MA during our anniversary launch in October.  Originally scheduled for Sept 17th, then delayed to Oct 1st, then delayed AGAIN, I was concerned that people wouldn't be able to clear their schedules for a launch that, even then, looked as though it may be delayed again.

I figure there were about 150 people there (at one point, later in the day, I counted over 120, so...) and the number of FlisKits models flown was staggering!  

And, I had fun!  Kathy and Joe were on hand to help run the booth so that I could socialize a bit (something I don't get to do at many launches) and it also allowed me to spend more time chatting it up with folks.  The many good wishes sent our way was incredible with folks, too many to count, congratulating us on 9 fun and exciting years and wishes for many more.  Sales were brisk all day long and I even got to test out a couple of new protos (see the photo album for details)

We had prizes throughout the day, fun launches, great weather and VERY few lost birds.  Oh, and we had cake.  Oh man, did we have cake!  This has become a fun (and I believe, now, required) tradition of the FlisKits anniversary launches and it is always a big hit.  Ever want to see a well attended launch come to a grinding halt?  Announce CAKE in a loud voice.  Yep, that'll do it... LOL

Good cake too!

With our 10th anniversary slated to be an epic event, I am actually ALREADY planning it, but I still can't get the smile off of my face a day after our best attended and most enjoyable anniversary launch to date.

Thank you to CMASS for your work in getting this launch in, and without a hitch (once we got the field issues straightened out).  Thank you to everyone who attended and partook of the fun and festivities.  Your support is truly valued and we'd be lost without it.  Thank you to all of our customers, past & present, old & new, big & small for your continued support over the years and promise of support for years to come.  Without you we never would have made it to 9 years, let alone more.  Thank you too, to my wonderful wife who not only PUTS UP with all of this but is actually an active participant!  She attends every anniversary launch and every road trip and it a key part of what makes FlisKits work.  If you buy a kit from us, it is Kathy who put the parts in the bag, the small parts in that little zip bag and even the one who folded your parachute (over 50,000 to date, if you can imagine!).  She is also the one responsible for darn near EVERY good idea that FlisKits has ever implemented.  So, Thank you Kathy :)

Enjoy the attached photo album.  If you see a photo of your model (or of you) and wish a copy, drop me an email and I will send you the high res version (about 3MB each, in size)

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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