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Mrs Vengren
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Mrs Vengren's class is ready to go!
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Hooking up the igniter clips always poses a challenge
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Our first (of many) pairs of rocketeers
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Our first launch of the day!
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Yep, we're off to a great start!
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launch #2
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Love it when they ham it up for the camera :)
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These shots are interesting but I wish it were clearer.
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We had mostly perfect recoveries with fully deployed chutes.  A few cases of snarled parachutes.
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This is what happens when you don't glue the engine mount in properly.  The engine mount slides up into the body and the motor can't boost.
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The result is the rocket stays on the pad and spits the parachute out.  We had two models do this and I worked during lunch to see if I could repair them.
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Good catch!
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Man!  I thought he was going to run into me LOL
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I loved that everyone wanted to help everyone else be successful.  It was very common to see one student helping another.  Good stuff!
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We ended each class with a launch of the Decaffeinator model
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The kids just loved it!
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Here is the first of the two models that had loose engine mounts.  This one simply need the engine mount glued back in.  Easy
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This one, not so easy.  About 6" of the body tube actually split open along the spiral seam of the tube...
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Some carefully placed epoxy and masking tape and it's looking pretty good.  We'll have to see how they work at the end of the day when the kids come back :)
Mrs Vengren
Mrs Kane
Mrs Pelletier
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Mrs Shute
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Parents and teachers help the kids prep their models for flight
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Everyone is learning new things today!
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Mrs Shute's class
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First two rocketeers of this class.
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Great launches...
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Great recoveries!
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Some of the models landed very near the school.  In fact, we had 3 models land ON the roof as well as the glider from my Decaffeinator...
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In addition to learning about rocketry, the kids got a good workout today as well LOL
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A happy pair of rocketeers!
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The growing crowed cheered loudly whenever a model was caught in the air!
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This looks like an identical picture of the previous catch, from a different angle.  Not so!  But it sure had me confused for a minute or two LOL
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Yep, she's a happy camper, er, rocketeer!
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He almost caught his model in his hat!
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Decaffeinator with the glider accessory!  Everyone loved this combination!
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Perfect recovery
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Though the glider decided to dive-bomb the crowd LOL
Mrs Vengren
Mrs Shute
Mrs Pelletier
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Mrs Kane
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The kids brought the rockets out during lunch to save time before the launch
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Everyone gets to work preping their models.  Craig Whittaker, and his son, were able to join us for the afternoon and give a helping hand!  THANK YOU GUYS!
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Mrs Kane's class
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Here we go!  The first two rocketeers of Mrs Kane's class.
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More perfect flights!
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The kids loved chasing after their rockets!
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Finger on the launch button, eyes moving skyward!
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This young man brought his Astro-Cam for a flight!
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Good flight, but discovered that he didn't have any film in it.  Just wanted to see it fly :)
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Lost the glider on this flight, watching land on the roof...
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Craig launched his modified Mean Machine too!
Mrs Vengren
Mrs Shute
Mrs Kane
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Mrs Pelletier
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Mrs Pelletier's class
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Our first two rocketeers of our last class!
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A bit out of focus, but...  Still a great flight :)
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The crowd was getting bigger as the day got longer
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Good friends and fellow rocketeers!
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As the day went on we had to change pad angles due to wind.
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But that didn't spoil the fun! :)
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Great catch!
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Last student launch of the day.  A great day of flying and I hope the kids had as much fun as I did!
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