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These 7 kids explore rocketry for the very first time!
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Building the Whatchamacallit gives them a basic understanding of the materials and techniques needed to construct a model rocket kit.
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Sub assemblies complete, we prep the nose cone and recovery.
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Once everyone is caught up we move into the final assembly.
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Concentration while inserting the engine mount.
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Ready now for the fins!
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Even a broken arm can't dissuade these kids from enjoying the work!
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Taking your time results in a fine job.
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The next morning (after suffering through monsoon rains and 70+ MPH winds overnight) we gather for our launch!
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For most of these kids, this was the first time they have ever seen anything like this.
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Everyone posed with their rockets before launch
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We had great flights on 1/2A motor on this breezy day.
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None of these models got painted as we had the kids leave them at the school overnight to be sure that none were forgotten this exciting day!
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Most of our launches landed right near the launch pad!
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Cold fingers and the alien contraptions made hooking up the igniters a challenge all its own.
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But success is in the air!
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Whoops!  A little quick on the shutter button.  This was the only lost rocket as it streamered into the top of a very tall tree.  I replaced this one with one of my own built but unpainted Whatchamacallit models.
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These kids were really getting into it!
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And for good reason!  They all did a great job on their first model rocket.
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They walked away with a better understanding of the potential of this great hobby.
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Smiles all around.
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Everyone loved the flights.  Although they aren't in the pictures, we had the entire club out to watch.  From K-5th grade, and all had a ball!
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Our last rocketeer is ready to go!
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Perfect, and more perfect.  Great flights everyone!
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To show the kids about other motors, I flew my Whatchamacallit on an A3 motor, much to their delight.
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This rocket drifted over our heads and onto the school
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Our last launch of the day was the Decaffeinator on a D12-3 motor, much to EVERYONE's delight!  This too landed atop the school.  One of the maintenance workers was able to get them both (Thank You!)

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