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Scott with his flying "Turkey".  Yeah, yeah, it looks like a chicken to me too, but this coming up to Thanksgiving, it's a turkey today...
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Up, up, and away!  Can folks help me ID some of these flights??
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Another kewl but unknown flight.
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First of 6 demo flights of potential new kits that the folks attending could vote on for our NEXT KIT!  This is the Emu competition egg lofter carrying a raw egg with a C6-3.  Perfect flight and recovery with no damage!
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For, what was reported to be, a chilly day, we had quite the turn out.  It actually was not all that cold out.
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Shortly after my egg lofter, Scott got his chicken in the air which begged the question "which flew first, the chicken or the egg?"  Well, the egg, of course.  We just saw it!  LOL
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We only had one HPR pad set up, but it saw traffic all day long!
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The doo-Dad skill level 1, minimum diameter 18mm demo model (one of the 6 for voting)
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Perfect, arrow straight flight on an A8-3.  I meant to also fly it on a C6-5 but never got the chance.
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A Richter Recker struggled into the air with only one motor lighting.  It was launched a second time, but I missed it and don't know how that flight went
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An F20 motor up close and LOUD!
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The Journeyman demo flight.  Picture perfect (another of the 6 for votes)
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Tony's 24mm (upscale) Trifid on a triplet of E9 motors.  Simply beautiful.  man.
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The upscale Ulysses (tentatively renamed the Cassiopeia) turns in a perfect flight on a C6-5.  This was another of the 6 for voting and won the vote by a landslide and will become our NEXT KIT!
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Looking at the CMASS flag you can see why this was a perfect day for saucers and extra-perfect for the Frick-n-Frack!
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This young man showed up with his family after his mom purchased a Thing-a-ma-Jig from our last launch with the promise that he would get it built and come back to fly it today.  He was very proud as was his family as they posed for this picture.
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Picture perfect flight but a bit of a tangle on the parachute during recovery.  No damage and it was quickly prepped for another flight!
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Boris' Hell Boy on a cluster of 19 motors (Central G (I believe) and 18 E9's)  WOW!
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Another of the 6 demo birds, this one was originally named Thumper but has since been changed to 'Cuda
dsc00168.jpg (49873 bytes)
Great flight up and down on a C11 for the 'Cuda
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Second flight of that young man's Thing-a-ma-Jig resulted in perfect parachute deployment for a very soft landing.  He had a ball and it was clear that they will all be back again next year!
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I also got a chance to fly one of my newer futuristic designs.  No name yet and still working out some flight issue.  This was the 3rd test with mixed results.  More work is needed before I talk about this one too much :)
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Ok, so Mike (Cosmodrome) wound up getting his shoes, socks and feet soaking wet and, as a result, freezing cold.  This looked like the best alternative for him, as he didn't need his gloves for his dry hands...

I had no comment... LOL

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Claude never disappoints as he explores foam cup rocketry!

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