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Tony's Tartar, with the addition of 1/2 oz. of nose weight, takes to the sky on a C6-5 for a beautiful flight
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Nice, near-field recovery too.
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New idea I am looking at.  No name yet, but looking cool on the pad!
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Couple more beauty shots before we push the button..
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Like the shots from below, with blue sky as the background.
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Perfect boost!  Not so perfect coast.  As soon as the motor burnt out she began to tumble.  Will have to work on this one over the next few weeks.
dsc09618.jpg (84295 bytes)
One of two Tres variants I flew.  This one is a mini-Tres using our new EMK3-13-55C engine mounts and flying on a triplet of A10-3T motors.
dsc09619.jpg (71376 bytes)
Picture perfect flight up and down.  Great little rocket!
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Tony relaxes as he contemplates what else to fly on this breezy day
dsc09621.jpg (104730 bytes)
Beyond Tony we have another interesting rack of models
dsc09622.jpg (87655 bytes)
Tony's Trifid on the pad and ready to go!
dsc09623.jpg (69805 bytes)
This is one seriously beautiful model!
dsc09624.jpg (45667 bytes)
Looks as good in the air as on the ground.
dsc09625.jpg (40588 bytes)
This bird was MEANT to fly!
dsc09626.jpg (37833 bytes)
Perfect flight start to finish.
dsc09631.jpg (58388 bytes)
Doug with his Flea model on an A8-3.
dsc09633.jpg (84627 bytes)
Tony and Scott look over the flight card for the flying skull.  Yep, you read correctly.  A flying skull...  Must be October!
dsc09634.jpg (71317 bytes)
Caught this Pheord X150 at the moment of igniter ignition!  The igniter sent the model up a good 4", but no joy on the motor...
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Nice view of the gathered rocketeers.  It was a light attendance (about 50 people at its height), but we all had a great time.
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A few sharp looking models filled the sky.  If folks can help me identify the rockets and/or owners, I will try to keep the album updated.
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Scott loads his Skull on pad 5.  Man, I NEVER thought I would ever utter such a sentence...
dsc09639.jpg (41862 bytes)
Looking ominous on the pad...
dsc09640.jpg (46628 bytes)
Meanwhile, another kewl rocket leaves the pad!
dsc09641.jpg (89004 bytes)
Ken does a great job keeping things moving quickly yet safely
dsc09642.jpg (52014 bytes)
Even in this breeze we were seeing multi-staged and clustered flights.
dsc09643.jpg (60874 bytes)
We have LIFTOFF!  The flying skull begins its trip aloft
dsc09644.jpg (42539 bytes)
Ever higher, she tracks a nice straight path into the sky
dsc09648.jpg (37558 bytes)
Look closely.  Ya gotta love Scott.  At apogee this thing doesn't just blow out a parachute.  The darned thing BLOWS IT'S BRAINS OUT!  See that cloud of white debris?  Those are Cheerios blown out of his skull at apogee...  I will never look at breakfast cereal the same again...
dsc09657.jpg (49390 bytes)
Some mid and high power stuff went up today also!
dsc09658.jpg (55307 bytes)
Snapshot of the underside of Boris' spinning saucer.  Coolest rocket I've seen in ages!
dsc09660.jpg (51330 bytes)
We have LIFTOFF!
dsc09664.jpg (90823 bytes)
Very common sight at a CMASS launch...
dsc09665.jpg (89543 bytes)
Another common sight.  Folks queuing up at the RSO table while watching others fly
dsc09666.jpg (63204 bytes)
Tony's Cherokee-C puts in another great flight.
dsc09667.jpg (97323 bytes)
Looking lonely as he waits for his turn at the pad.  It's a good sign when we begin stacking up fliers on the pads!
dsc09669.jpg (58786 bytes)
These smoky motors are just too kewl!
dsc09670.jpg (41957 bytes)
As are clusters!
dsc09674.jpg (32606 bytes)
My 24mm Tres made with our new EMK3-24-70C.  This is a HUGE rocket!
dsc09675.jpg (70306 bytes)
Standing over 4 feet tall, she looks good even unpainted.
dsc09676.jpg (60081 bytes)
LIFTOFF!  All 3 D12 motors lit and she's OFF!
dsc09677.jpg (38040 bytes)
Around about here one of the motor tubes ripped loose (poor glue job on my part), but she remained stable and deployed her parachute at apogee for a safe recovery.
dsc09678.jpg (45980 bytes)
HPR pad A saw a bit of action today.
dsc09679.jpg (82182 bytes)
Doug assembles a motor for his next flight.
dsc09680.jpg (83318 bytes)
Autumn in New England presents some interesting shadows and silhouette opportunities.
dsc09681.jpg (64440 bytes)
Drag races are also a big thing at CMASS launches. 
dsc09682.jpg (81955 bytes)
OH MAN, oh man, oh man, oh man...
dsc09683.jpg (64622 bytes)
This beast of Boris' is a sight to behold
dsc09685.jpg (98155 bytes)
Boris installs the main igniter
dsc09688.jpg (53035 bytes)
An imposing image on the rail
dsc09691.jpg (105796 bytes)
A meticulous man, Boris goes down the check list for this particular bird.
dsc09692.jpg (55211 bytes)
From HPR pad C you get an interesting view of the LPR launches.
dsc09693.jpg (40766 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!  You can see one of the two vid camera attached to the nose of the vehicle.
dsc09696.jpg (46511 bytes)
Here we can see the outboard rockets ignite.  Problem is, the didn't detach from the rocket, resulting in quite a bit of scorching on the main vehicle.
dsc09706.jpg (20665 bytes)
But she returned safely, though a little toasted.
dsc09707.jpg (54621 bytes)
Of all of our Micro to the MAXX kits, the Mudwasp is the easiest to capture on film :)
dsc09708.jpg (102660 bytes)
A Rose-A-Roc getting ready for its maiden flight.
dsc09709.jpg (52115 bytes)
Perfect boost!  Not so perfect recovery...
DSC09708crop.jpg (52135 bytes)
I should have given this model a closer look when I saw it going up to the pad.  You can see from an enlargement of the original photo that the motor has NOT been taped in place.  This motor ejected without burning through the thread holding the blades.  She came in balistic...
dsc09710.jpg (33265 bytes)
Like a scene from October Skies...
dsc09711.jpg (28496 bytes)
Up, up, and AWAY!
dsc09712.jpg (26900 bytes)
'twas a good day in Amesbury.

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