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dsc07442.jpg (93668 bytes)
One of the early flights was a Rhino
dsc07443.jpg (98274 bytes)
Perfect flight and recovery!
dsc07444.jpg (109632 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!
dsc07445.jpg (105433 bytes)
Counting down to a CMASS favorite Frick-n-Frack DRAG RACE!
dsc07446.jpg (105667 bytes)
And we have liftoff!
dsc07447.jpg (34806 bytes)
These things are a hoot by themselves.  In a drag race they can't be beat!
dsc07448.jpg (27602 bytes)
Here we see boosting, staging, recovery all in one!
dsc07449.jpg (25296 bytes)
We got some good altitude with these today!
dsc07450.jpg (119004 bytes)
A very nice looking Triskelion takes to the air
dsc07451.jpg (62733 bytes)
My upscale Trisk-D (flying on a C11 motor - yeah, I know...)
dsc07452.jpg (42502 bytes)
Nice recovery on her well worn military flare parachute.
dsc07453.jpg (42650 bytes)
Tony's A.C.M.E. Spitfire puts in a great flight!
dsc07454.jpg (43734 bytes)
Not bad on the recovery either :)
dsc07455.jpg (151242 bytes)
OK, so I tend to collect these spools from some of the cord we use at FlisKits.  The inside is a perfect fit for a BT-50...  Well, what's a guy to do, eh???
dsc07456.jpg (87512 bytes)
Hey, even *I* was impressed.  This thing tracked as straight as an arrow to a very good height.  Tony and I are going to drag race'em next launch!
dsc07457.jpg (58961 bytes)
My old favorite, the Decaffeinator with the glider attachment.  Good stuff!
dsc07458.jpg (101912 bytes)
The FlisKits trademark Deuce's Wild!  The one and only best rocket ever!
dsc07459.jpg (119533 bytes)
Our new (yet to be announced) Bulls Eye model.  You can also see a photo album of the build session with the Boys & Girls club building this model.
dsc07460.jpg (109913 bytes)
We had several Deuce's Wild's fly this fine day.
dsc07461.jpg (94159 bytes)
Bulls Eye nails a perfect flight
dsc07462.jpg (39660 bytes)
And perfect recovery.
dsc07463.jpg (45740 bytes)
This is a VERY easy kit to build and is exciting because it is BT-70 based and features a tail ring.  The down side will be cost due to the very large (and expensive) nose cone.
dsc07464.jpg (119271 bytes)
By George, that looks like a Deuce!
dsc07465.jpg (91899 bytes)
We had great flights all day long.  T'was a fun launch!
dsc07466.jpg (170149 bytes)
Nell sits, ready to take to the air
dsc07467.jpg (123382 bytes)
Here's our booth.  It was good to not have to trek this stuff all over the place to get set up LOL
dsc07469.jpg (98296 bytes)
Nell ALWAYS impresses the crowd and this was no exception!
dsc07470.jpg (94039 bytes)
Pheord X150 redneck pickup saucer is push-starting a 13mm saucer (from the old Triple Threat kit)
dsc07471.jpg (19744 bytes)
Good boost on a C6-0
dsc07473.jpg (18049 bytes)
Hard to see, but this is the moment of staging
dsc07474.jpg (44808 bytes)
Here she comes after a successful mission
dsc07475.jpg (53196 bytes)
Love near-field recovery of 2-stage models LOL
dsc07476.jpg (125315 bytes)
Rocketeers to the left of me...
dsc07477.jpg (102658 bytes)
Rocketeers to the right of me.  It's a good thing!
dsc07478.jpg (88369 bytes)
A scratch built model using those little Dart gliders that we use on our Tri-Glide kit.
dsc07479.jpg (41912 bytes)
These little guys glide great too!
dsc07480.jpg (39660 bytes)
Problem is, you need a large recovery team to get them all back!
dsc07481.jpg (110181 bytes)
In the foreground we have the proto of the Mystic (coming soon) and the background, the U.S.S. Grissom
dsc07482.jpg (74668 bytes)
A Bucky Jones puts in a perfect flight...
dsc07483.jpg (34878 bytes)
And recovery too
dsc07485.jpg (65935 bytes)
There is just nothing bad to say about this design.  Simply perfect!
dsc07487.jpg (108304 bytes)
Rhino away!
dsc07488.jpg (44507 bytes)
What goes up must come back...  ...right??
dsc07489.jpg (78726 bytes)
USS Grissom away!
dsc07490.jpg (76766 bytes)
The Morning Star shows her colors too (we had a lot of FlisKits flying today!)
dsc07491.jpg (31096 bytes)
Perfect recovery, as expected!
dsc07492.jpg (89005 bytes)
My scratch built Sputnik model was a fun fly
dsc07495.jpg (94873 bytes)
Another Frick-n-Frack takes to the air!
dsc07496.jpg (26662 bytes)
dsc07497.jpg (28444 bytes)
And going....
dsc07499.jpg (31281 bytes)
Here we have the staging event.
dsc07500.jpg (27395 bytes)
The sustainer climbs away as the booster returns via aero-breaking
dsc07501.jpg (28243 bytes)
Both parts still in frame as the sustainer burns out and begins to arc over for return.
dsc07503.jpg (52906 bytes)
We even had a classic Mars Lander get some air!
dsc07504.jpg (73405 bytes)
The Drake also flexed her wings today!
dsc07505.jpg (127662 bytes)
OOoohhhhh, a Borealis!  Cool!
dsc07506.jpg (76161 bytes)
Oh man, I LOVE this rocket.  Looks SO cool in the air!
dsc07507.jpg (105515 bytes)
Preator's too (still my favorite kit to build and fly)
dsc07508.jpg (82830 bytes)
Micromaxx were present in good numbers too!
dsc07509.jpg (112608 bytes)
Triskelion away!
dsc07510.jpg (48549 bytes)
And return!
dsc07511.jpg (49963 bytes)
A great beginner kit, the Triskelion is a fun model to fly too :)

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