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dsc08785.jpg (63813 bytes)
An Alien8 returning to the Horse head nebula
dsc08788.jpg (113697 bytes)
A UFFO with a booster.  THIS should be interesting... LOL
dsc08791.jpg (58156 bytes)
Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!
dsc08792.jpg (79047 bytes)
This was a very cool finless rocket, stabalized by a base shroud
dsc08793.jpg (63163 bytes)
A Hydra puts in a good flight.
dsc08794.jpg (82489 bytes)
Ok, here we go on the 2 stage UFFO.  We have ignition!
dsc08795.jpg (37912 bytes)
Houston, we have a problem...
dsc08796.jpg (36342 bytes)
Where's it going?  Is that thing coming at ME?
dsc08797.jpg (52587 bytes)
Quick back step (with my eye in the viewfinder...)
dsc08798.jpg (190475 bytes)
Right about now she stages.  That's when the fun REALLY began! LOL
dsc08801.jpg (51303 bytes)
From big to small, we launch'em all!
dsc08802.jpg (45608 bytes)
Nice boost too!
dsc08810.jpg (115139 bytes)
Modifications to a Tri-Glide.
dsc08811.jpg (150339 bytes)
Good stuff!
dsc08813.jpg (176755 bytes)
And a Drake.  I love seeing our kits out at the launch!
dsc08814.jpg (67780 bytes)
dsc08815.jpg (62054 bytes)
Not sure who's this is, but it was cool
dsc08816.jpg (113264 bytes)
It is interesting to see how many cameras capture each launch :)
dsc08817.jpg (109216 bytes)
We had a nice crowd at the launch this fine day
dsc08819.jpg (100412 bytes)
Here's the other half... :)
dsc08820.jpg (133739 bytes)
A pair of brightly colored Whatchamacallit's ready for a drag race
dsc08821.jpg (73239 bytes)
Good burn on both!
dsc08822.jpg (90986 bytes)
Nice flight our prototype Mystic model slated for release later this year.
dsc08823.jpg (37643 bytes)
Very nice flying model and a very cool look in the air.
dsc08829.jpg (153890 bytes)
Younguns showing off their Whatchamacallits and Thing-a-ma-Jigs
dsc08830.jpg (49214 bytes)
Pheord X150 staged and ready for liftoof
dsc08831.jpg (200324 bytes)
I never get tired of flying this little guy
dsc08833.jpg (68330 bytes)
Great boosts, near field recovery and lots of fun!
dsc08834.jpg (59824 bytes)
Very pretty, but not "near field" recovery, believe me!
dsc08836.jpg (157141 bytes)
Thing-a-ma-Jig ready for flight
dsc08837.jpg (32102 bytes)
A doo-Hickey takes to the air
dsc08838.jpg (97315 bytes)
Off goes the Thing-a-ma-Jig!
dsc08840.jpg (129104 bytes)
(the original proto type) in her rack, ready for flight
dsc08841.jpg (116350 bytes)
She's still doing well even after nearly a dozen flights!
dsc08842.jpg (46006 bytes)
She has a nice roll on her way to apogee
dsc08847.jpg (122672 bytes)
Boris with his Thunderbird mega cluster bird.  WOW
dsc08848.jpg (130501 bytes)
Hooking up a Triskelion (with a Deuce's Wild in the background).  CMASS launches are truly a family affair.
dsc08851.jpg (84053 bytes)
Getting the Thunderbird on the pad
dsc08854.jpg (54947 bytes)
Very cool angle showing the massive cluster
dsc08855.jpg (44620 bytes)
Worth all the work!
dsc08857.jpg (38207 bytes)
Great boost
dsc08874.jpg (45851 bytes)
Perfect recovery!  Congrats Boris!
dsc08875.jpg (93596 bytes)
Another drag race!
dsc08876.jpg (54070 bytes)
Prototype Intruder on the pad
dsc08877.jpg (163479 bytes)
Nice looking rocket that I hope to have out in 2011
dsc08878.jpg (99861 bytes)
Great in the air too!
dsc08881.jpg (75684 bytes)
Nantucket Sound
at moment of ignition!
dsc08882.jpg (56222 bytes)
Great boost and recovery!

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