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This young lady has the most beautiful Rhino I've ever seen!
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A family stopped by the launch wanting to fly their rockets so I walked them through the RSO process
dsc09290.jpg (127524 bytes)
And got them on the pads!
dsc09291.jpg (81039 bytes)
Not the best launch picture, but the flight was perfect!
dsc09292.jpg (44768 bytes)
As was the recovery.  This family was going to stay around for an hour or so but, with all the fun, wound up spending the entire day flying rockets and having a blast!
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We had a lot of flying (nearly 300 launches) on a beautiful day!
dsc09294.jpg (100957 bytes)
Mike's slide wing rocket glider.  Very cool!
dsc09295.jpg (53121 bytes)
This one group brought a Praetor with them and flew the SNOT out of the thing!  I counted 6 flights, but there could have been more :)
dsc09297.jpg (85303 bytes)
The Lil' Guy put in several flights too.
dsc09298.jpg (160619 bytes)
Proto test of an idea to do a micro version of the Frick-n-Frack (tentatively called the Tweedle (dee & dum).  Here I am testing the sustainer (dum)
dsc09304.jpg (41375 bytes)
Picture perfect flight to about 20 feet.  VERY COOL!
dsc09299.jpg (60374 bytes)
Another Rhino gets some air
dsc09300.jpg (32065 bytes)
Nice recovery
dsc09302.jpg (59265 bytes)
Near field landing too!
dsc09303.jpg (64779 bytes)
I believe that this is a Hornet model
dsc09305.jpg (52164 bytes)
The Morning Star puts in a great flight
dsc09311.jpg (97486 bytes)
Tony's Trifid sits on the pad.  This is one incredibly beautiful design based on the Tres motor mount.
dsc09312.jpg (75592 bytes)
Tony got all 3 motors lit for a beautiful flight!
dsc09315.jpg (52968 bytes)
Near field landing made for a short walk
dsc09316.jpg (27754 bytes)
This Corona put in a rather odd flight.  The problem was sun light mixed with the dark color of the model.  This caused the body tube to bend.  You can even see it in the photo.
dsc09319.jpg (65135 bytes)
Becoming one of the standard events at a CMASS launch, the drag racing of Frick-n-Fracks!  This launch had the addition of 6 vid-cam rockets, in the hopes of capturing the race from above!
dsc09320.jpg (59242 bytes)
And they are screaming into the air!
dsc09321.jpg (35662 bytes)
Rockets, staging, smoke and fire.  The air was full!
dsc09322.jpg (38607 bytes)
If for no other reason, this is why it is worth attending a CMASS launch!
dsc09326.jpg (46377 bytes)
Bill launched his Diminutive Deuce.  I was surprised I captured the picture!
dsc09327.jpg (63971 bytes)
My Decaffeinator on its last flight (drifted out way over the tree line into the woods.)
dsc09329.jpg (55720 bytes)
Another shot of that Praetor, now with the booster accessory.
dsc09330.jpg (54465 bytes)
A pink Thing-a-ma-Jig.  Nice!
dsc09331.jpg (114356 bytes)
Steve watches some flights as he awaits the launch of his Spud-nik scratch built.  I missed the launch photo, but it's a cool little bird :)
dsc09332.jpg (70470 bytes)
One of Tony's rockets shortly after ignition, and Tony getting a picture of it too.
dsc09333.jpg (54485 bytes)
The Mudwasp takes a trip from one end of the launch range to the other, landing near the RSO table.
dsc09334.jpg (43015 bytes)
Caught this Boost Glider as the glider sheared off of the boost pod.  You can see the smoke trail to the right of the photo as the pod continued on its way.
dsc09335.jpg (71312 bytes)
One of Dan's R/C B/G models.  Great stuff!
dsc09336.jpg (74762 bytes)
I believe that this is called a Sparrow BG
dsc09337.jpg (41836 bytes)
We had this family stop by after seeing us launching, from the highway.  They didn't have their rockets with them but the young boy with them REALLY wanted to fly!  So I set them up with a rocket and Steve Michaels provided the motor and we had him fly the Whatchamacallit!
dsc09338.jpg (98211 bytes)
He was tickled, as was his dad.  I think the best part for him was hearing his name over the PA system.
dsc09339.jpg (83391 bytes)
Boris has this fun saucer with canted motors and lift blades providing one of the most stunning flying saucers I have ever seen.
dsc09340.jpg (47107 bytes)
The lift of this model is a mix of the motor thrust as well as blade lift created by the rapid spin of the model.
dsc09343.jpg (47527 bytes)
After burnout, she still spins and this stabilizes her enough to provide a slow, gentle descent.  She reminds me of the Jupiter-2 when she lands.
dsc09349.jpg (68432 bytes)
A drag race of several models, including the Praetor.  Good stuff!

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