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dsc09084.jpg (156878 bytes)
Morning Star on her way to the pads!
dsc09085.jpg (142739 bytes)
I caught sight of this Astron Spaceman clone.  Cool.
dsc09086.jpg (110138 bytes)
Claude is up to his old tricks, exploring foam cup rocketry to the fullest!
dsc09087.jpg (111707 bytes)
This little guy was outfitted as Capt. James T. Kirk (I once had the entire bridge crew myself, but now only have Mr. Spock)
dsc09088.jpg (89294 bytes)
Perfect flight!
dsc09091.jpg (128450 bytes)
My booth, off in the distance.
dsc09092.jpg (66525 bytes)
Lift off of the Morning Star!
dsc09093.jpg (62442 bytes)
Looking ominous!
dsc09095.jpg (58469 bytes)
But simply beautiful in the air, on a pair of D12's
dsc09096.jpg (58089 bytes)
Higher and higher (though E motors would have been far better :) )
dsc09104.jpg (60090 bytes)
Good deployment
dsc09109.jpg (94399 bytes)
And a safe landing
dsc09110.jpg (88317 bytes)
One of Bill's many gliders,
dsc09112.jpg (75324 bytes)
An Exo-Skell.  This is actually a very cool little rocket!
dsc09113.jpg (108795 bytes)
The crowd at Acton.  It was a great day to fly!
dsc09115.jpg (72571 bytes)
A NERRF version Lil' Guy screams into the air!
dsc09116.jpg (59029 bytes)
A Mean Machine has a good boost but a less than pretty landing...
dsc09118.jpg (71680 bytes)
Tony's Tartar with a great boost, that went wobbly after burnout.  very weird...
dsc09119.jpg (52075 bytes)
Here she is right after burn out and leaning
dsc09121.jpg (85576 bytes)
Very cool jet like rocket.
dsc09122.jpg (49161 bytes)
Looking as good in the air as it does on the ground!
dsc09125.jpg (102900 bytes)
A 13mm Deuce puts in a great flight.
dsc09126.jpg (148550 bytes)
A proto type of a rocket my son (Joe) designed.  Called the Cats Eye
dsc09127.jpg (79116 bytes)
Very cool little design that drew a lot of attention
dsc09128.jpg (61486 bytes)
Unfortunately... she didn't fly as well as she looked.
dsc09129.jpg (104977 bytes)
The A.C.M.E. Spitfire, however, turns in perfect flights!
dsc09130.jpg (51834 bytes)
Boosting straight and true
dsc09134.jpg (73912 bytes)
And returning safe and sound!
dsc09136.jpg (122061 bytes)
Modified Rose-A-Roc with tube fins and piston blade release.  Interesting!
dsc09137.jpg (88056 bytes)
Cluster Bomb puts in a great flight.
dsc09138.jpg (79463 bytes)
Another proto, the Bulls Eye is slated to come out in September as our newest beginner rocket (skill level 1)
dsc09139.jpg (51263 bytes)
This is a sweet little rocket that attracted a lot of attention
dsc09141.jpg (81661 bytes)
The crown jewel for the day (for me) was the maiden flight of the Journeyman sounding rocket (single stage, 18mm with dummy recruits)
dsc09142.jpg (49015 bytes)
Nice angle shot
dsc09143.jpg (63587 bytes)
Other rockets were flying as I was getting her ready
dsc09144.jpg (62260 bytes)
And we have liftoff!  A B6-4 provided a good flight
dsc09145.jpg (74142 bytes)
Drag races are a big part of our CMASS launches
dsc09148.jpg (94130 bytes)
Another nice model I was testing was this scale air-air missile.  I can't recall the name of the missile so I called it "Jack Hammer".
dsc09149.jpg (57895 bytes)
While she looked pretty she was WAY underpowered under a B6 motor and a tad unstable to boot.  She damaged a fin on landing but was easily repairable.
dsc09150.jpg (82589 bytes)
After fixing her up I added nose weight and a C6 motor.  She did better but still tipped off the rod and flew WAY downrange, suffering more damage due to a hard landing.  Back to the drawing board on this beauty.
dsc09151.jpg (104891 bytes)
Drag racing 2 stage saucers (Pheord X150 with a sustainer saucer and the Frick-n-Frack)
dsc09152.jpg (31748 bytes)
Cool flight sequence
dsc09153.jpg (34605 bytes)
Here you can see them starting to lean into the wind
dsc09154.jpg (37810 bytes)
Weather cocking, the Frick-n-Frack is leaning way over
dsc09155.jpg (25473 bytes)
Staging has her pointed downward.  This is why you avoid windy launches and ALWAYS point your rod straight up! :)
dsc09156.jpg (77720 bytes)
A Whatchamacallit gets some air
dsc09158.jpg (80964 bytes)
My Nell proto type is still turning in some great flights.
dsc09160.jpg (42591 bytes)
Up and back, always a crowd pleaser
dsc09161.jpg (85941 bytes)
Tony's D-Nelson Tomahawk puts in a great flight.
dsc09162.jpg (72390 bytes)
Billy's Richter Tickler (13mm Richter Recker) had a rough go of it on just one motor...
dsc09163.jpg (47013 bytes)
A HEMV-4 looking skyward
dsc09165.jpg (49742 bytes)
These buggers (micromaxx) can be HARD to capture on film!
dsc09166.jpg (44008 bytes)
Tony's HERC-5 also looking skyward.  Hard to tell that this model is a LOT bigger than her smaller cousin the HEMV
dsc09167.jpg (66100 bytes)
A bit easier getting a good picture of THIS model!
dsc09168.jpg (123671 bytes)
Another proto.  An upscale of our MTTM Ulysses model, tentatively called the "Commodore"
dsc09169.jpg (128335 bytes)
And an authentic MTTM Ulysses also on the pad for a drag race!
dsc09170.jpg (64086 bytes)
The Ulysses never ignited, but the Commodore put in a good flight
dsc09171.jpg (113153 bytes)
Bill installing FOUR motors in the MTTM Just Past Due.  Although designed as a single engine model, it will be interesting to see what she does with a cluster...
dsc09172.jpg (73325 bytes)
Another very cool rocket gets some air
dsc09173.jpg (140651 bytes)
Claude's Nell ready to go
dsc09174.jpg (77502 bytes)
Perfect flight!
dsc09175.jpg (45808 bytes)
And recovery!
dsc09176.jpg (61327 bytes)
Home safe and ready to go again!
dsc09178.jpg (62931 bytes)
Can't recall the name of this rocket, but I like it!
dsc09179.jpg (36880 bytes)
4 motor version of the Just Past Due.  My God, what have we done!?
dsc09180.jpg (45655 bytes)
The Journeyman preped with a C motor for her second test flight.
dsc09181.jpg (58644 bytes)
Oh yeah, THIS is going to be one sweet kit!
dsc09182.jpg (53281 bytes)
Oh, the humanity!  I think that 4 motor Just Past Due will need some nose weight...
dsc09183.jpg (45276 bytes)
My original Decim8 proto ready for another flight
dsc09184.jpg (54193 bytes)
Always satisfies, too!
dsc09185.jpg (83869 bytes)
We had about a half dozen Frick-n-Frack models fly today.  Very cool!
dsc09186.jpg (46737 bytes)
I love it when I catch the staging event.  Try THAT with a conventional 2-stage model!
dsc09187.jpg (45610 bytes)
The sustainer pulls away and into the sky!

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