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To begin this class I explained what a Trebuchet is (a catapult) and then provided each team with the materials.  I explained what an "arm" was as well as a fulcrum and other key terms and parts but I let them spend the hour trying to figure out how you would make a working trebuchet with the provided materials.
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Some ideas were simple
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Some came close to the actual solution
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Some were getting quite involved.
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In the end, this team came closest to discovering the final solution.
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After that, the kids were taught the basics of how to make a working trebuchet with the given materials and they spent the hour exploring how they worked using different types of projectiles.
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After these first 2 weeks the real work began.
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The kids had to change variables, modify designs and discover the effect it had on the trebuchet and their projectiles.
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Some days we had the gym for our work (best)
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Other days we were in a classroom with other classes going on (not conductive to good experimenting)
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Here the kids continued to experiment and try to improve their weapons.
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Target shooting was next on the list as the kids had to know what the maximum range was, how to adjust that range, and how to shoot accurately.
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Here she shoots her ping pong ball and studies the path and trajectory
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Ok, either you've been experimenting with static electricity or you have a very strange growth coming out of your head...
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Here a team discusses what they can do to improve the accuracy of their trebuchet.
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Near the end of the session we begin to collect data.  We did this for two weeks.  Identifying 4 variables (location of weight, location of fulcrum, height of release, and location of stop stick),  they had to vary ONE variable at a time and record the results on a pad to discuss at the end of the class.
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While some moaned at the idea of doing "real work", once they began the started getting into it.  They quickly realized the effect of the variables and the need to change only one at a time.
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The 2nd to last week they were finishing up the data collecting.
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We were going to spend next week reducing and evaluating the data, but that class had to be cancelled.
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Instead we collected all of our data then discussed it quickly at the beginning of the last day of the session.
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We then used our understanding of our trebuchet to shoot at target ships in the sea, collecting points along the way, so that we could name our championship team.  I failed to take any photo's during that challenge as I was too busy! 
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