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As always, our first class is the simple "hump with a jump" to teach the kids about the materials and techniques.
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The experienced gained here will go a long way towards the more complex problems we will solve in later weeks.
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A lot of creativity in figuring out how to use walls, doors and even furniture to help with the construction.
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The kids also learn team-work as they problem solve together.
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We are now exploring loops and spirals.
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After solving the days problems, they are free to explore on their own for a few minutes.
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Many coasters became quite long and involved.
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It was common to invite other teams to watch and even help with the work.
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Loops and spirals were the most fun for the kids.
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These kids did a great job meeting all of the challenge requirements the quickest thus giving them more time to explore other fun.
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Some longer tracks get built.
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This team set up near the door and made good use of the sink and cupboards.
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Creativity, thy name is "box"
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Even plastic containers were used.  Their only restriction is that they couldn't touch any of the lab equipment in the room nor tape to anything made of paper.
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My star team again with a very complex coaster using a loop and 2 spirals.  good stuff!
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dual loops on a VERY fast track.
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Loops, spirals and more.
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It's hard to see all the elements here, but there are a lot of'em!
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Working towards the final challenge!
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From the file cabinet, to the shelf then under the table. Imaginations at work!
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More spirals and loops!
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This one won for most complex
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