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dsc05870.jpg (59389 bytes)
First day on the job the kids learn the basics of this unique building material making a simple hump with a jump into a cup.
dsc05872.jpg (52089 bytes)
If  you look closely, you can see the clear marble leaping into the cup!
dsc05873.jpg (66429 bytes)
Another marble in motion as the kids get comfortable with these materials and techniques.
dsc05874.jpg (51448 bytes)
Getting this basic introduction under our belts will allow us to try some more challenging problems.
dsc05875.jpg (34571 bytes)
Here he takes good advantage of a large blank wall.
dsc05929.jpg (55968 bytes)
This week we explore jumps along with the hump & jump.
dsc05932.jpg (48928 bytes)
Almost looks like wall-art!
dsc05933.jpg (36588 bytes)
Another marble in action (see the close up below) as these kids solve the "jump" problem with their marble jumping from one track to another.
DSC05933crop.jpg (60700 bytes)
Here you can clearly see the marble just before it lands on the other track (going from right to left)
dsc05980.jpg (55173 bytes)
This week we begin to explore the loop-d-loop!
dsc05981.jpg (47669 bytes)
Sometimes, setting up on the wall is easiest.
dsc05982.jpg (36270 bytes)
Here we have a loop leading into a jump!
dsc05984.jpg (62392 bytes)
Loops with humps and jumps.  It's getting intense!
dsc05985.jpg (52493 bytes)
Here we have the beginnings of a double loop.
dsc05986.jpg (63872 bytes)
This is insanity!  But, that's a good thing!
dsc05987.jpg (86612 bytes)
Here's a close up.  It's basically a triple loop.  And it works!
dsc05988.jpg (52298 bytes)
Tracks are getting longer and faster.
dsc06027.jpg (53347 bytes)
This week we are exploring spiral runs.
dsc06028.jpg (57736 bytes)
Longer tracks mean more fun and the ability to add more complexity
dsc06264.jpg (56118 bytes)
Starting up high gives you more potential energy to start with.
dsc06265.jpg (56438 bytes)
Spirals with loops and more!
dsc06266.jpg (58509 bytes)
Spirals, loops, humps and jumps!
dsc06267.jpg (55151 bytes)
An interesting view.
dsc06268.jpg (53833 bytes)
Here we have the final challenge.  Spirals, loops, humps, jumps and more.  We gave prizes for the fastest, slowest and most complex.  Good stuff!
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