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Everyone shows off their crane as the first project of the session.
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Learning how to sparrows and balloon bunnies.
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A job well done!
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Fortune Tellers are always a fun project to learn.
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The kids had fun trying their fortune tellers on the other kids.
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Our most ambitious project, the diamond spiral, by Tomoko Fuse
dsc06177.jpg (66994 bytes)
Each spiral is made from 4 sheets of paper.
dsc06178.jpg (75315 bytes)
Stage 1 done, each student has 4 different colored diamonds formed.
dsc06179.jpg (60903 bytes)
We now crease these diamonds to set us up for the final folding.
dsc06180.jpg (61838 bytes)
Patience and good folding techniques are key to a good model
dsc06183.jpg (77310 bytes)
All creases made, we're ready for the final folding.
dsc06185.jpg (66694 bytes)
Done!  I think these kids were surprised with how well they all came out.
dsc06186.jpg (47169 bytes)
Beautiful models and well worth the effort.
dsc06187.jpg (38916 bytes)
Side views of all of the hard work.
dsc06210.jpg (59554 bytes)
Showing off our airplanes from the final class of the session.
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