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dsc05859.jpg (57293 bytes)
Opening up the Espresso kit lead to an immediate contest to see who could build the coolest tower...
dsc05860.jpg (46955 bytes)
Ok, ok... nuf' "fun"!  We gotta get to work!
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This kit introduced the kids to cutting their own fins.  They learned how to use a straight edge and a razor knife as well as a cutting board.  They also had to learn about shrouds and using a hot glue gun!  Lots of learning with this kit.
dsc05862.jpg (63295 bytes)
Everyone took the new techniques in stride and did a wonderful job!
dsc05913.jpg (54948 bytes)
The kids seemed to have as much fun with the waste material as with the kit itself! LOL
dsc05914.jpg (67929 bytes)
The kids were also introduced to the "double glue" method of attaching fins.  Here he is blowing on the root edge to help get the glue to set up faster.
dsc05915.jpg (68220 bytes)
Laying out the fin pattern on the balsa stock was a challenge but they all got the hang of it
dsc05916.jpg (52075 bytes)
I was very pleased with how well they all did with the razor knife.
dsc05917.jpg (75188 bytes)
We set up an assembly line type of work area for the hot gluing needed for this kit.  We had 6 glue guns set up for about 12 kids.  It seemed to work out very well.
dsc05918.jpg (82386 bytes)
One by one they would get the first pair of cups onto their rocket.
dsc05920.jpg (64833 bytes)
By the end of the class they has the engine mount done as well as the base of the model including the fins!  Good job!
dsc06011.jpg (63935 bytes)
Here they are all complete.  This was to be our launch day, but the weather didn't cooperate.  So instead we began our next kit, the Thing-a-ma-Jig.
dsc06012.jpg (67173 bytes)
Back to "regular" rocketry, these kids felt right at home.  For many this was their 3rd session so they will be moving on to advanced rocketry for the next session.
dsc06015.jpg (73343 bytes)
For our first class we focused on the various sub assemblies.  We finished the engine mount, the fin unit and the parachute.
dsc06016.jpg (71094 bytes)
Parachutes drive the kids nuts and by the time they get to the advanced class they are about fed up with them.  Such is the life of a rocketeer! LOL
dsc06017.jpg (63341 bytes)
Success!  Parachute is finally done!  man...
dsc06114.jpg (85538 bytes)
The following week, rather than continue on our Thing-a-ma-Jig, we took advantage of the nice weather to get our Espresso kits into the air!
dsc06115.jpg (36863 bytes)
First up was a new micro kit we have in the works, called the Aggie.  This is a micro Marble-Loft rocket for competition
DSC06115crop.jpg (34563 bytes)
A close up of the boost of Aggie.
dsc06116.jpg (55404 bytes)
Our first Espresso rocketeer!
dsc06117.jpg (42816 bytes)
And a job well done!  I think the kids were surprised that these even worked LOL
dsc06118.jpg (61240 bytes)
Not a lot of time was spent finishing, mainly because I had to inform them that they couldn't use spray paints on them.
dsc06119.jpg (23463 bytes)
But they looked good and flew great!
dsc06121.jpg (60141 bytes)
Ok, so not everyone was listening when I told the, repeatedly, that they couldn't use spray paint...  Well, it IS interesting looking...
dsc06122.jpg (22669 bytes)
It's flight was even MORE interesting LOL
dsc06123.jpg (62915 bytes)
Now we're seeing some decoration!  Markers make a wonderful tool for decorating foam cup rockets!
dsc06124.jpg (36833 bytes)
They fly pretty too!
dsc06125.jpg (56682 bytes)
More with markers and water based paints.  I missed the launch of this one.
dsc06127.jpg (56561 bytes)
I'm proud of the kids for braving the cold for this launch.  It wasn't bitter cold, but cold enough that they were looking forward to getting back to the classroom.
dsc06128.jpg (24401 bytes)
Still, the rockets flew very well and the kids forgot the cold for those few seconds of flight.
dsc06129.jpg (60996 bytes)
The big concern was locating a white rocket on the white snow!
dsc06132.jpg (60438 bytes)
More rockets ready to go!
dsc06134.jpg (64843 bytes)
David was proud of his work but I think he would prefer a more futuristic type of rocket.
dsc06135.jpg (33189 bytes)
No complaints about the flight though!
dsc06138.jpg (68854 bytes)
Best paint job of the day!
dsc06139.jpg (22078 bytes)
And pretty in the air too!
dsc06198.jpg (66512 bytes)
Now, back to class and let's finish up these Thing-a-ma-Jig kits!
dsc06199.jpg (72775 bytes)
Waiting for glue to dry provides some time to browse the catalog!
dsc06200.jpg (38802 bytes)
At one point I turned around only to discover this drawing of me on the chalk board LOL
dsc06214.jpg (55599 bytes)
She had forgotten her rocket at our last launch so brought it today and we made this the first launch of the day.
dsc06215.jpg (38149 bytes)
WOOSH! And away she goes!
dsc06216.jpg (62554 bytes)
Much more creativity on the decorations with the Thing-a-ma-Jig kits.
dsc06217.jpg (75039 bytes)
With his finger on the launch button, we take to the air!
dsc06218.jpg (53020 bytes)
Ready to go, cold and all!
dsc06219.jpg (46527 bytes)
Capturing the moment of ignition!
dsc06220.jpg (51026 bytes)
Hardest part was hooking up the igniter leads in this cold!
dsc06221.jpg (53298 bytes)
Dang, man!  You COULD have used spray paint on THIS model!
dsc06223.jpg (55302 bytes)
All decorated up and ready to go.
dsc06224.jpg (58567 bytes)
Another great launch pic!
dsc06225.jpg (64104 bytes)
Yep, the kids got more into the decoration with this kit.
dsc06226.jpg (53678 bytes)
Hard to see against the dark tree line this late in the day.
dsc06227.jpg (53228 bytes)
But much easier to locate on the white snow!
dsc06228.jpg (55516 bytes)
The cold did not discourage us from a great day of flying!
dsc06229.jpg (53899 bytes)
dsc06230.jpg (77597 bytes)
dsc06231.jpg (65250 bytes)
The nicest paint jobs on the Thing-a-ma-Jig kits!  Good job!
dsc06232.jpg (62041 bytes)
Up, up and away!
dsc06233.jpg (56486 bytes)
Proud of a job well done!
dsc06234.jpg (42773 bytes)
We have liftoff!
dsc06235.jpg (57925 bytes)
This one is neat with the fin details and nose cone as well.
dsc06236.jpg (33798 bytes)
They DO look so good in the air too!
dsc06237.jpg (59686 bytes)
This boy had received a Triskelion as a prize during the last session.  He built it and asked if he could launch it with his class rocket.  Well, of course you can!
dsc06238.jpg (45061 bytes)
Caught just after ignition!  Great flight too!
dsc06239.jpg (64411 bytes)
Back in the warm classroom, the kids are thrilled to have completed another session of rocketry!
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