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Advanced rocketry
Advanced Rocketry (Merrimack)

In this session's Advanced Rocketry class we decided to take a new track.  Rather than build one or two rather complex rockets to expand their skills and experiences with new building techniques we decided to focus on finishing techniques.

With that in mind we settled on the Shadow Lord model rocket kit.  This is not a very complex kit, though it does have some of its own special building techniques to consider.  Rather, our focus was on doing better on finishing and also learning new finishing techniques.

We put extra attention on cutting the fins, making sure that we had smooth cuts and even fins.  We spent time learning the art of sanding a knife edge on the leading and trailing edges of the fins.  After making 4 near perfect fins we worked on preparing them for paint.  Each student explored 3 methods including gluing on a paper wrap, using self adhesive wraps and using common wood filler and sanding.  Each provided their own challenges and the kids were encourage to select the method they preferred and to apply that to the 4th fin.

Next was attaching the fins.  For this class the kids were able to learn about the use of epoxy adhesives for this job.  After that they then learned about applying decorative fin fillets (over the glue fillets) using wood filler to give the fin that perfect look.  During the last of the building classes they learned about how to apply primer and spray paint.  We applied the primer at the school but the kids had to finish the models on their own at home.  I provided spray paint to anyone who didn't have access to it at home.

The frustration is that on our launch day the winds were way too strong for a launch that would allow us to recover our models.  So, on that day we spent the afternoon in the classroom talking rockets and exploring brain teasers.  We hope to fly these rockets at a future launch day as all of these kids plan on signing up for advanced rocketry next session as well!

On the left is a photo album of the many pictures from this session.  

If you see a photo of your child or their rocket that you would like, send me an email with the filename of the photo and I can send you a high resolution version of the picture, suitable for framing.  

Enjoy this photo album!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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