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dsc05889.jpg (64522 bytes)
Just getting started, the kids get right to work on the engine mount
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Finishing up the engine mount thoughts turn to the fins.
dsc05891.jpg (59294 bytes)
Finishing touches on the engine mount
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Week 2, kits are laid out waiting for the class to arrive.
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Cutting fins presents a challenge as fins that are not done well are discarded and cut again.  At this level these kids must learn how to use the templates and knives to get a good result!
dsc05955.jpg (59178 bytes)
Having cut many fins over the many sessions, they've never cut fins THIS nice!
dsc05957.jpg (51142 bytes)
They've never been so excited to have pictures of their fins taken.
dsc05958.jpg (51313 bytes)
Needless to say, they are proud (and I think a bit surprised) with how well they came out.
dsc06050.jpg (67457 bytes)
The kids then shape and seal up the fins.  The fins sealed with wood filler will take time to dry and sand while the paper coated ones can go on the model right away.
dsc06051.jpg (68514 bytes)
The time spent on this build is giving the kids greater appreciation for the need and desire for straight fins.
dsc06052.jpg (35506 bytes)
This is their first exposure to things like wood filler.  They are amazed at the results and a bit surprised at the amount of work that goes into good looking fins!
dsc06053.jpg (55182 bytes)
Taking a break from sanding, he attaches a fin and waits for the epoxy to cure.  We were using 5 min epoxy and the kids just LOVED it!
dsc06190.jpg (65396 bytes)
The kids got to explore wood filler in tub form as well as from a squeeze bottle.  While the squeeze bottle made for easier application, most appreciated the use of the tub as they felt they had more control over their work.
dsc06191.jpg (65083 bytes)
Sanding, gluing, aligning.  They normally build a kit like the Shadow Lord in two 90 minute sessions.  THIS build will take SIX 90 min sessions just to get to the primer stage!
dsc06192.jpg (47096 bytes)
Taking a break while the filler on the nose cone and fins dries so that he can sand them smooth.
dsc06193.jpg (63657 bytes)
Taping the nose cone shoulder so that he can apply filler coat.
dsc06211.jpg (46022 bytes)
Applying primer was both a joy and a shock.  The now appreciate how the primer not only prepares the model for paint but also highlights any defects in the finish of the wood as well as glue filets.
dsc06212.jpg (59488 bytes)
These kids learned a boat load during this class, but there is SO much more yet to learn!  Maybe in a future class.
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