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claude_maina.jpg (213142 bytes)
Claude Maina presents a wonderful mosaic of pictures
eric_vandommelen.jpg (83081 bytes)
Eric VanDommelen with his wonderful US TOG.  Who's that goober standing there next to him??
jim_fustini01.JPG (179311 bytes)

jim_fustini02.JPG (139698 bytes)

Jim Fustini with his wonderful Triskelion and Tres.  Note the creative solution to the Triskelion toothpicks snagging parachutes...
kathryn_seemeyer.jpg (274103 bytes)
Kathryn Seemeyer sent me this photo via our sales mailbox.  This is too good to not include in the anniversary pictures!
gregg_discenza.jpg (140036 bytes)
Greg Discenza sends us this great  picture of the Night Whisper ready to launch!
dale_marshall_01.jpg (254325 bytes)
Dale Marshall sent a series of great pictures for our anniversary celebration.  This first (painful) image shows the Borealis after a snarled parachute caused a hard landing.  OUCH!
dale_marshall_02.jpg (238595 bytes)
Fully rebuilt, replacing the triplet of BT-2 tubes with a single BT-5, she takes to the air again.
dale_marshall_03.jpg (75207 bytes)
Ever higher!
dale_marshall_04.jpg (145879 bytes)
Here she sits on the pad.  I gotta say, she still looks VERY cool with the single BT-5 tube there.
dale_marshall_05.jpg (83276 bytes)
dale_marshall_06.jpg (234471 bytes)
Pheord X150 poised for launch
dale_marshall_07.jpg (259113 bytes)
And we have Liftoff!
dale_marshall_08.jpg (84489 bytes)
And safe recovery
dale_marshall_09.jpg (222664 bytes)
Drag race time!
john_bergsmith01.jpg (40827 bytes)
John Bergsmith shows off his beautifully finished L-13 under full power!
john_bergsmith02.jpg (99231 bytes)
Followed by his Tartar missile, looking good!
john_bergsmith03.jpg (111322 bytes)
And then John's simply gorgeous Tres!
larry_vetter01.jpg (44655 bytes)
Larry Vetter shows off the classic A.C.M.E. Spitfire looking poised for a flight.
larry_vetter02.jpg (39656 bytes)
Larry's Deuce's Wild is prepped and ready to go!
larry_vetter03.jpg (77141 bytes)
Three FlisKits kits on the rack and waiting for the GO TO LAUNCH, we have the Deuce's Wild, Drake and Rhino.
mike_rohde01.JPG (49810 bytes)
Mike Rohde shows his two-toned Long OverDue.  This thing is going to look COOL in the air! :)
mikus_superfly01.JPG (37242 bytes)
Mikus Superfly had this very cool "Texas Tres"
tom_seemeyer01.jpg (61311 bytes)
Tom Seemeyer's 13mm Deuce Pheonix on a very good burn!
tom_seemeyer02.jpg (35143 bytes)
And Tom's 24mm CAUTION Rocket upscale on a D12-3.
tony_vincent01.jpg (96827 bytes)
Tony Vincent's Borealis on the pad and ready to go.
tony_vincent02.jpg (91055 bytes)
Into the air it goes (and that's me on the ground trying to get the "money shot", as it were LOL)
wolfgang_steininger.jpg (138988 bytes)
Wolfgang Steininger, from Berlin, send this wonderful display of Micro to the Maxx models including the HEMV-4, Mudwasp, TOG, Petite Praetor, Dead Ringer, Interloper and Ulysses. GOOD STUFF!
craig_cline01.JPG (121363 bytes)
Craig Cline sends these pictures of his ACME Spitfire with his son Cameron and a friend.
craig_cline02.JPG (121360 bytes)
This one from Craig shows Trip Barber checking the igniter on another pad with the ACME ready to go.
craig_cline03.jpg (80345 bytes)
Cool picture of Cameron and Craig's ACME Spitfire.  In this picture he turned the model so that you could see the fin I signed back at NARAM 50!
jerry_dudley01.jpg (36129 bytes)
Jerry Dudley sent this beautiful picture of the Alien8!
john_mackay01.JPG (65191 bytes)
John Mackay sends these pictures of his Nell.  This beautifully finished model looks as though it was actually made from real metal!
john_mackay02.JPG (60730 bytes)
These close ups show the level of detail applied to this build.
john_mackay03.jpg (56603 bytes)
Simply incredible.  I love it!
john_mackay04.jpg (77579 bytes)
John also sent these pictures of his micro Saturn V using the 3X micromaxx cluster engine mount.
john_mackay05.jpg (74750 bytes)
VERY COOL build!
will_gee01.jpg (172125 bytes)
Will Gee sends a few interesting photo sets.  This first is of the UFFO, seen here ready for flight
will_gee02.jpg (34801 bytes)
Beginning of boost, good straight flight
will_gee03.jpg (40086 bytes)
Climbing higher...
will_gee04.jpg (42846 bytes)
...and higher!
will_gee05.jpg (44153 bytes)
Till apogee, ejection and...
will_gee06.jpg (43440 bytes)
Featherweight aero-breaking brings it back to earth.  Very cool!
will_gee07.jpg (129889 bytes)
Here are some pictures Will took of my efforts (successful) to launch the Dudley Doo-Right foam cup rocket on a cluster of 4 D motors.
will_gee08.jpg (66351 bytes)
Up, up and AWAY!  Perfect flight!  Great picture!
will_gee09.jpg (27183 bytes)
Last, but certainly not least, the launching of Will's Nell.
will_gee10.jpg (27254 bytes)
Beautiful flight of a beautiful rocket!  Great job!

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