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FlisKits 8th
Anniversary Launch
September 18th
Amesbury, MA

Eight long years.  Eight of the quickest years I think I have ever experienced.  Our 8th anniversary launch, perfectly hosted by CMASS and attended by about 200 enthusiastic rocketeers, friends and families was the most spectacular to date.

Special thanks to

  • Boris Katan for his efforts to get the upscale Tres prepped and into the air, including painting the new nose cone we had to get for it and sponsoring one of the motors.

  • Carl Tulanko for providing permission to fly what is surely one of his prize possessions.

  • Gordon Angelo (Sandman) for such a quick turn around on that nose cone.

  • Doug Gardei for helping us out at the last minute with a motor casing.

  • Kathy (my wife) for putting up with me as we prepared for this launch and kit release.

  • Jen (my daughter) for spending her afternoon with dad on his special day :)

  • All of the CMASS volunteers who set the range up, ran it and then broke it all down again.

  • The customers, both old and new, who helped defray the cost of this launch by purchasing their much needed rocketry gear from FlisKits :)

When we started this company in 2002 we began with 12 kits and nothing else.  We now have over 70 kits in production and over 200 parts and accessories.  When Kathy and I look back on how HARD it was to coordinate those first 12 kits and the logistical headache that presented, we laugh.  TWELVE kits??  Man, we could do that with our eyes closed today! LOL  The things we have learned over the years.  12 kits...  piece-o-cake!

To say this event went off perfectly would be an understatement.  Everything seemed to go without a hitch from getting the Tres into the air, the weather, the two new kits being ready on time, the hundreds of launches (362 in all), and all of the well wishes. It couldn't have gone better!

Oh yes, the cake.  The cake is always a BIG hit and this year was no different.  Like ants on a cookie, when we announced that cake was being served the field cleared out as everyone made their way to the FlisKits booth.  (hey, if I can't get them there for free raffles, great kits and friendly service, I will bribe them with cake!  Whatever it takes :) )

Enjoy this photo album and watch for updates as I get pictures in from others (and hopefully a video or two...).  If you can help me identify certain rockets and/or owners, just drop me an email.  We have some exciting plans for next year (and the upcoming 10th anniversary too), but right now we have to unpack the truck and get ready for the upcoming week.

Till next year... :)

Click on a photo at the left to see the full size image here.

Enjoy these photo albums!  


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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