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A picture of our anniversary cake.  John Buscaglia make a good point that our slogan on the cake SHOULD read "Aim for your mouth, and try not to miss!" LOLO
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As they were preparing for the first launch of the day they realized that it wasn't one of our new kits (I hadn't even really thought about it).  So, in a rush I got the Mystic preped and on the pad!  Thanks for everyone's patience :)
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Here I am posing with the rocket with our booth in the background
dsc09443.jpg (63632 bytes)
A fuzzy photo but a great launch and recovery to start the day!
dsc09444.jpg (117881 bytes)
A 25+ year old Astron Scout getting ready for its first flight in over TWO decades!
dsc09445.jpg (90074 bytes)
Perfect flight and perfect tumble recovery.  This beast flew 3-4 times this fine day.
dsc09447.jpg (98753 bytes)
A couple of beautiful Bender models (the robot from Futurama)
dsc09448.jpg (59708 bytes)
And a simply STUNNING flying squid :)
dsc09449.jpg (91135 bytes)
Another of Bender
dsc09451.jpg (100942 bytes)
Here's our booth at the beginning of the day
dsc09452.jpg (119894 bytes)
A 2-stage Praetor Combo.  We saw several of these today, but this was one of the nicest!
dsc09453.jpg (38204 bytes)
Bender turns in a picture perfect flight!
dsc09454.jpg (129323 bytes)
Our first of 6 raffle prize winners!  We drew a new number each hour for the entire day for free rockets, t-shirts and more!
dsc09455.jpg (96986 bytes)
Billy shows his beautiful U.S.S. Grissom
dsc09456.jpg (108372 bytes)
And Arthur with his wonderful Morning Star.
dsc09457.jpg (82248 bytes)
These next 3 shots give a nice view of the crowd we had on hand.  I'd estimate about 200 people at the height of the day.
dsc09458.jpg (96805 bytes)
There's our booth in the center
dsc09459.jpg (104463 bytes)
And we wrap up with the CMASS trailer and our country kitchen :)
dsc09460.jpg (59359 bytes)
We flew everything from tiny (1/8A micro) to giants like this
dsc09462.jpg (128333 bytes)
The Praetor Combo ready to go!
dsc09463.jpg (55188 bytes)
In the mean time I noticed a Lil' Guy going off across the circle
dsc09465.jpg (81712 bytes)
This spiffy little model was too cool to NOT take a picture of :)  I think this one was Tony's, but I'm not sure...
dsc09466.jpg (36994 bytes)
Perfect recovery too!
dsc09467.jpg (77666 bytes)
Picture perfect flight, start to finish!  We had several Preator's fly today, single stage, 2-stage and even CHAD staged!
dsc09469.jpg (79809 bytes)
John with his upscale Mudwasp.  I just LOVE this upscale!
dsc09470.jpg (100731 bytes)
Our very own Boris "Mr. Cluster" with his spinning saucer with a large cluster of D motors.  Simply incredible!
dsc09471.jpg (47421 bytes)
Speaking of saucers, the Frick-n-Frack was a common sight today too
dsc09472.jpg (67121 bytes)
The sustainer, see here, landed right smack-dab in the middle of the RSO table, but to John's surprise! LOL
dsc09474.jpg (61492 bytes)
And we have LIFTOFF!
dsc09475.jpg (118589 bytes)
Bob preps his model on pad #8
dsc09476.jpg (69719 bytes)
Just barely captured Billy's U.S.S. Grissom.  This thing took off like a SHOT on an A10-3T motor!
dsc09479.jpg (120015 bytes)
Brian and Jim pose with the cake, just before we began serving it.
dsc09480.jpg (109200 bytes)
My daughter, Jen, prepares to butcher, err, I mean, CUT the cake
dsc09483.jpg (50524 bytes)
One of several Tres models we saw fly.
dsc09486.jpg (102856 bytes)
John enjoys a quiet moment with his Praetor before going back to the pads.
dsc09487.jpg (126384 bytes)
Scotty Dog (TRF handle) with his diamond plated Stingray after a magnificent flight.
dsc09488.jpg (119285 bytes)
Getting a Rhino hooked up.  It was such a joy to see so many young rocketeers enjoying the day.
dsc09489.jpg (89900 bytes)
Tony with his incredible Trifid based on the Tres engine mount, but based MAINLY on Tony's incredible imagination!
dsc09490.jpg (51363 bytes)
Saw several Shadow Lord models take to the air today too!
dsc09491.jpg (63540 bytes)
More Rhino's!
dsc09492.jpg (67408 bytes)
Tony's Trifid turns in a perfect flight!
dsc09493.jpg (107620 bytes)
The line at the RSO table was never all that long and always moves quickly.
dsc09494.jpg (62961 bytes)
Another Praetor shows her stuff!
dsc09495.jpg (35048 bytes)
Such a beautiful model, both on the ground and under chute!
dsc09496.jpg (106354 bytes)
This Cheetah! saw lots of air today both in 2-stage (normal) mode and even as a single stager.
dsc09497.jpg (57614 bytes)
Interesting cluster that missed a motor or two on ignition.  Still went to a safe altitude with good deployment.
dsc09498.jpg (52718 bytes)
This Deltie turned in several perfect flights.  Simply wonderful!
dsc09499.jpg (38247 bytes)
Perfect boost, staging and recovery for the Cheetah!
dsc09500.jpg (113206 bytes)
Boris gets all kinds of help as he preps the upscale Tres for flight.  Special thanks to Carl Tulanko for giving permission to fly his baby and also to Doug Gardei for helping out with motor casings.
dsc09502.jpg (95756 bytes)
My daughter Jen builds and Intergalactic Man of Space during the slow times (not many!)  AND, she did it "old-school" with white glue!
dsc09503.jpg (70072 bytes)
Kathy took this interesting shot of our banner.  I included it here because when I looked at this picture it all came to me in a rush what I have helped to build here with FlisKits.  I am very proud for what I've been able to do with this company and am excited as to what the future brings as we enter our ninth year.  Thank you to ALL who have supported us over these years of growth.
dsc09504.jpg (75120 bytes)
Bob watches as another Deuce's Wild takes to the air!
dsc09505.jpg (42684 bytes)
The one and only Nomad seen this day.  All 3 stages performed well.  I recovered the 1st stage but lost the sustainer when I took my eyes off of her.  I hope everything was recovered!  Incredible flight!
dsc09506.jpg (56551 bytes)
Scratch built model carrying a couple of foam gliders.  Great fun!
dsc09507.jpg (49491 bytes)
Scott's unique 3-motor cluster with a central motor and a Deuce arrangement for the other two.  Added uniqueness is seen when the ejection charge from the central motors kicks the rear off on its own chute and the two canted motors kick a chute out the top.  Very interesting, Scott!
dsc09508.jpg (44938 bytes)
Another Shadow Lord!
dsc09509.jpg (43447 bytes)
Not even sure what this is, but it is a COOL launch shot :)
dsc09510.jpg (117817 bytes)
Doug poses with his Praetor-2 while he waits in the RSO line.
dsc09511.jpg (72045 bytes)
Another Tres gives the crowd a show.
dsc09512.jpg (71626 bytes)
Meanwhile we have a Cougar 660 get some incredible altitude on a 1/2A motor.  The model used the sport streamer to make recovery a bit easier :)
dsc09513.jpg (76726 bytes)
Doug's Praetor puts in a perfect flight!
dsc09514.jpg (121324 bytes)
When you see something like this walk up to the RSO table, you can't help but get excited...
dsc09515.jpg (86788 bytes)
Boris waits in line.
dsc09516.jpg (65032 bytes)
Say hello to my leetle friend!
dsc09517.jpg (76912 bytes)
While we wait for THAT launch, we go back to what has become a main-stay at CMASS launches.  Frick-n-Frack drag races! There were 4 in this race, but the other one was way on the other side of the circle.
dsc09518.jpg (49344 bytes)
These 3 boosted away, neck-n-neck!
dsc09519.jpg (42197 bytes)
Here we have the staging event as the sky fills with rocket parts!
dsc09520.jpg (47091 bytes)
Parts going up as other parts come down.  It's all normal for these rockets!
dsc09521.jpg (141808 bytes)
We had several vendors at our launch today.  Here we have Cosmodrome.  Oh yea... Mike launched a small scale model on an F motor to nearly out of sight.  This thing had a 20-30 foot streamer and darned if it didn't land within 20 feet of the launch pads!  I wanted to slap him! LOL
dsc09522.jpg (110537 bytes)
Road Runner was also well represented
dsc09523.jpg (99994 bytes)
As was Animal Motor Works. 
dsc09524.jpg (127228 bytes)
Every time I walked by Tony's area I thought "That would make a great picture", so I figured I had better take that picture!
dsc09525.jpg (66859 bytes)
A whole crew of people help Boris set up the upscale Tres
dsc09526.jpg (64349 bytes)
The was, without question, THE project of the day!
dsc09527.jpg (51246 bytes)
Looking sinister against the overcast sky, you can see the video camera that Boris has mounted up at the nose cone.  I can not WAIT to see how this video came out!
dsc09528.jpg (98975 bytes)
Billy helps out by reading off of the pre-flight check list to make sure we don't miss a single step.
dsc09529.jpg (105081 bytes)
Boris begins to install the igniters.
dsc09530.jpg (77355 bytes)
From the hill at Away-Cell C, I captured this picture of the LPR range with a rocket launch in progress
dsc09531.jpg (107360 bytes)
Back on the Tres, Boris invites us to leave the hill as he hooks up his cluster box to help assure fast ignition of all 3 motors.
dsc09532.jpg (80886 bytes)
Sitting, lonely in the distance, the Tres awaits the command to leave this planet, even if only for a short time.
dsc09533.jpg (75913 bytes)
Ok, I couldn't resist... Our own "Mr. Cluster" preparing for the launch...
dsc09534.jpg (71843 bytes)
Clustering MOTORS isn't enough for this guy...  NOW he is clustering CAMERA's too.  That's a video camera MOUNTED atop his snap shot camera so he can easily point TWO camera's for the launch.
dsc09535.jpg (47323 bytes)
The moment of truth.


dsc09536.jpg (28972 bytes)
Rising quickly on a triplet of dense black smoke, the Tres severs the bonds of earth!
dsc09537.jpg (25706 bytes)
Here you can clearly see the 3 exhaust trails
dsc09538.jpg (17267 bytes)
Coasting to apogee, the crowd was hushed
dsc09551.jpg (35247 bytes)
You could hear the cheer out past the soccer games in the distance as the main's deployed.  Also note that the nose cone has detached and is tethered to the upper section.  This was a deliberate part of the recovery to protect the cone from a landing damage.  Brilliant!
dsc09552.jpg (35611 bytes)
Shortly after I heard the launch announcement for a micro HEMV-4.  I didn't have much time but was actually able to capture it about 30 feet in the air!  (hard to see this white/gray model against the gray/white sky...)
dsc09553.jpg (55870 bytes)
Shortly after we have her sister ship, the HERC-5 turn in a perfect flight!
dsc09554.jpg (48678 bytes)
The PayLord, with an onboard video camera, burns a cluster of 3 C motors!  This is another video I hope to see soon!
dsc09555.jpg (42555 bytes)
Odd camera settings.  I must have hit a button...  But I did capture this Drake turn in a great flight!
dsc09556.jpg (56814 bytes)
Scott's Tin Man version of the ACME Spitfire with a Deuce's Wild (24mm) engine mount.  The first launch attempt jammed on the rod, but this flight was picture perfect!
dsc09557.jpg (48346 bytes)
Yet another Tres wow's the crowd with its unique smoke trail and fantastic flight.
dsc09559.jpg (110794 bytes)
Ok, THIS is cool.  They have access to a CO2 laser cutter and used it to cut the trademark Richter Recker seismic pattern right into the fins of their Richter Recker.  This was the coolest thing I have ever seen on this rocket!
dsc09560.jpg (31184 bytes)
The A.C.M.E. Spitfire gives another great flight.  The owner has a Switzerland exchange student who took one look at this rocket and gave it a "vote of no confidence".  She quickly changed her opinion!
dsc09561.jpg (118904 bytes)
Showing off the WHOLE Richter Recker before going to the RSO
dsc09564.jpg (60621 bytes)
The Avaler also showed her colors at the launch.
dsc09565.jpg (85677 bytes)
Doug gets his Triskelion ready to launch.
dsc09566.jpg (50494 bytes)
Here we captured a Thing-a-ma-Jig under boost!
dsc09567.jpg (36191 bytes)
The Richter Recker gives us a perfect flight on all 3 motors!
dsc09568.jpg (103052 bytes)
Here is that Cheetah getting ready to go up as a single stage model.
dsc09569.jpg (107881 bytes)
A beautifully finished "Mini Omega" by SEMROC
dsc09570.jpg (59022 bytes)
Doug's Triskelion rips into the sky!
dsc09571.jpg (37669 bytes)
Here goes the Cheetah!
dsc09572.jpg (45928 bytes)
Bob's upscale Midnight Express (free download paper rocket) with a Deuce style motor mount!  I love this thing!
dsc09573.jpg (66566 bytes)
Boris upped the ante, as it were, by also flying his Thunderbird multi-cluster bird for a perfect flight.
dsc09574.jpg (36293 bytes)
If you come to our launches for no other reason than to see what Boris will fly, the trip will be well worthwhile :)
dsc09575.jpg (22767 bytes)
Nearing motor burnout
dsc09579.jpg (26348 bytes)
Coasting to apogee and a perfect deployment.
dsc09580.jpg (89557 bytes)
This Cheetah saw LOTS of action today!
dsc09581.jpg (84424 bytes)
Here goes that Mini-Omega for a perfect 2-stage flight.
dsc09582.jpg (76452 bytes)
Three FlisKits models ready for their turn for the sky
dsc09583.jpg (64204 bytes)
First up is the unpainted Praetor!
dsc09585.jpg (59795 bytes)
Followed by the Triskelion (I think this is Doug's)
dsc09586.jpg (70852 bytes)
And just before launching, we see a second Deuce going on the pad so quickly turn this into a drag race!
Once again I would like to thank everyone who helped make this the most wonderful anniversary celebration to date!

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