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A busy class of kids and parents
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Hard at work
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Everyone gets involved!
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Some worked faster than others, but we let everyone catch up
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Yep, we ALL had fun!
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Nearing the end, dad's and mom's help out.
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The fin unit of the Whatchamacallit was a thing of fascination with the kids and parents alike
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Engine mount installed, next is the fin unit!
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My display table started out neat but got cluttered by the end of the class!
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A demo launch followed the build.  Here we can see the Nantucket Sound ready for launch!
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We have lift off!  Moments after motor ignition we had a nozzle blow out resulting in a lawn dart of the model.  Repairs will be a simple rebuild of the nose cone.
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We launched the Thing-a-ma-Jig and the Whatchamacallit to show the kids the two different, but related kits.
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The HERC-5 takes to the air.  We had lots of helpers for the launch and recovery too!
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Here goes the recovery crew as the HERC-5 floats gently to the ground
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One of the big hits of the day was the Decaffeinator!
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Like natives returning from the kill, it took 6 kids to recover the Decaffeinator!
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Each played a part in the recovery and all had a ball!

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