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Cub Scout Pack 153
Cub Scout Pack 153, San Carlos, CA

Back in September I received an order from our friends out in San Carlos for Thing-a-ma-Jig kits for their Cub Scout pack.  In addition to the order request, Ben Glenn commented that it would be wonderful if I could come out to California to help the kids with their rockets and the launch.

This all sounded well and good, but I really couldn't justify such an expense.  A little further in the email, Ben indicated that he and others in the pack would be more than happy to cover the airline tickets for Kathy and I to attend.  Well, with an offer like that how could I refuse!  Add to the fact that the best tickets they could find got us there 3 days before the build and launch AND we would be located less than an hour from where my son lives made this just a wonderful trip all around!

So, we arrived 3 days early, my son picks us up at the airport and we get to spend some quality time with him and his girlfriend Tina as we tour the local area taking in many well known tourist sights.  It was great!

This was followed by an afternoon of rocket building.  I made a point of bringing a Decaffinator kit with me to build, knowing I could never transport a built one intact...  The next day we spent on Pacifica beach launching all sorts of rockets all day long.  The highlight was the launching of 200 rockets all at the same time!  

I had a wonderful time and I wish to thank Ben Glenn, Pack 153 and all of the kids and parents who participated and helped to make this a weekend to remember!

Enjoy this photo album of our adventure!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.  The first few images are from our time in the San Francisco area while the remainder are from the build and launch.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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