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Pollard elementary
Pollard Elementary School - June 16th

Pollard Elementary School was the first ever school to take advantage of the FlisKits educational bulk pack program way back in June of 2003, during our first year of operation.  I taught the build session with over 100 students in 5 different classes.  Knowing we were going to make this an annual event, we took the opportunity to make this a "train the trainer" type of session where we used the teachers as helpers so that they would gain the experience needed to do the build session themselves in future years.

A week later I would return to the school to help the kids launch their rockets.

Ever since then I have traveled out to Pollard Elementary to deliver the rocket kits and give the upcoming classes a brief introduction to model rocketry and what they will be doing with the kits.  The bulk of these short talks is filled with questions from inquisitive minds wanting to know everything all at once.  I would then return in a couple of weeks to fly with these wonderful kids.

I did that again this month, as we have for the past 6 years.  As I was driving out to the school I started to do the math in my head and was shocked to realize that the very first class, from back in 2003, will be SENIORS in HIGH SCHOOL next year!  That just blew me away.  It is even stranger to think that many of the kids I have taught over the years are now mom's and dad's with kids of their own.

This years class was no less excited (and exciting) than previous years.  You can FEEL the anticipation of each and every child as they get their model ready for flight.  I am very big on "learn by doing", so in my classes the children do all the work from installing the motor, preparing the recovery device, placing the model on the pad, hooking up the igniter leads, launching and recovering their own model.  Other than giving direction, as needed, I am merely a spectator at these events.

On the left is a photo album (over 100 pictures!) of the many pictures from this fine day.  I apologize for the fuzzy launch photo's but it wasn't until the end of the day that I realized I had my camera set incorrectly for launch photo's...

If you see a photo of your child or their rocket that you would like, send me an email with the filename of the photo and I can send you a high resolution version of the picture, suitable for framing.  

I look forward to visiting next years class of future rocketeers and I hope everyone had nearly as much fun as I did!  Special thanks to Ms. Zavalianos for keeping this program alive.  Special thanks also to all of the students who worked SO hard and did such a fine job on their models!

Enjoy this photo album!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.


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