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Langley-Adams Library
Langley-Adams Library

Many thanks to Gina LIpkin for inviting me to bring model rocketry to a small but select group of excited kids at the Langley-Adams Library in Groveland, MA this past week.

While we only had 6 kids sign up for the program, there is no doubt that our next outing will attract more attention now that everyone knows the fun they can have!

We built the Whatchamacallit kit as we wanted a kit that would be easy for these first timers as well as one that could be built and flown the same day.  Actually, we had one boy who had flown 3 other model rockets, so he brought some experience to the group.  We assembled with white glue over the span of about an hour.  We then rested for about a half hour to give the glue some additional time to dry.  I used this time to get the launch field set up.

On the launch field the kids were taught how to prep their recovery device (streamer) as well as installing the igniter in the motor and installing the motor in the model.  They were then given all of the materials needed and they proceeded to get their own models ready for flight.

Once done, we went to the two pads in pairs where they loaded their model on the pad, hooked up the clips then, after a brief lesson, proceeded to launch then recover their own models.  I was pretty much just a spectator throughout the whole thing.  

We began with 2 demo launches of our Micro to the MAXX Stinger kit followed by our yet to be announced Lil' Guy kit.  We then launched the 6 class kits and closed with a launching of the Decaffeinator foam cup rocket, much to the delight of everyone there.  It was a great (if hot) afternoon and I look forward to working with Gina in future such events.

On the left is a photo album of the fun we shared this day. If you see a photo of your child or their rocket that you would like, send me an email with the filename of the photo and I can send you a high resolution version of the picture, suitable for framing.  

I look forward to visiting next years class of future rocketeers and I hope everyone had nearly as much fun as I did!   You all did a wonderful job!  I hope to see you at our launches.

Enjoy this photo album!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.


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