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Happy Anniversary!
FlisKits 7th Anniversary Launch!

Bright, sunny skies, cool temps and a wind to suck the breath from your lungs!  Whew!  Yeah, it was a tad windy, but not enough to prevent well over 200 flights from 1/8A to I motors!

We had well over 80 people attending the FlisKits 7th Anniversary launch hosted by CMASS at their Amesbury, MA field on September 19th.  FlisKits sponsored the launch with the field rental, flight passes, free kits, free stickers & decals, a contest, cake and a WHOLE LOTTA FUN!

Folks were flying smaller motors to keep recovery walks down in the wind, but we saw a LOT of flights for a windy day.  Many FlisKits models took to the air as folks attempted to win their pick of any kit in our catalog for flying the most FlisKits kits for the day.  That honor went to Doug Gardei with 17 flights.

I also had the chance to show off several new prototypes that will eventually become kits later this winter and early spring, including our boilerplate of the Goddard L-13 model (beautiful flight too!).  It was a thrill having folks come up to the booth to show off their latest FlisKits build then watch them load it up and fly it into the bright blue sky.  Low power, mid power, and high power.  Young & old, guy and gal.  We were ALL out there braving the elements.  

Special thanks to the CMASS core for hosting the launch, getting all the equipment set up, manned and broken down at the end of the day.  Thanks also to all those who flew so many FlisKits kits towards the end of day prize and also to everyone who attended to help make the day that much more special.  The well wishes and wonderful flights made it all worthwhile.

The cake was a big hit (always is) and vanished almost as fast as some of the rockets that flew!  We even had some asking for seconds...   ...TWICE... LOL

I took a few pictures.  Not as many as I had hoped.  The booth was just too busy.  We didn't set up much of a booth though.  Just a few tables and boxes of product.  There simply was no sense in setting up the pop-up tents or putting out product as it would have all simply blown across the field.  As I explained I don't mind chasing across the field for a rocket that I've just launched, but I don't want to chase after a rocket that's still in the bag...

Of course, now I have to get to work documenting these new designs and get them ready for release!  Thank you all for a wonderful anniversary launch and here's hoping for continued fun throughout the month of September as we finish up our anniversary month in high style.

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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