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RSO & LCO work the range.  Thanks to all who manned these posts for the day!
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Crystal clear skies and bundled up people.  That's our booth (such as it is) in the foreground.  Everything we put on the tables simply blew off.  Even our metal chairs were blowing around!
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Even early in the day the crowd was growing.  A good sign for a good day of flying!
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One of the early launches was an experiment that Doug has been working on.  The model looks and boosts like a conventional model but at apogee the body tube splits into thirds and each section (with a fin) helicopters back to earth.  It worked perfectly and was lots of fun to watch!
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Bob shows off his Thunderbird.  Beautifully finished but not a good day for such a model...
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Can you say "Weather Cocking"?  I knew you could!
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Bob with his upscale Midnight Express model using the Tour de Deuce pattern and a real (13mm) Deuce motor mount!
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A Pheord X-150 takes to the air!
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Even Triskelion kits found their way into the sky!
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A beautiful Nantucket Sound proudly displayed by a beautiful young lady!
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Claude and his daughter get the Nantucket Sound on the pad.
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The Nantucket Sound awaits a count down.
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And we have LIFTOFF!  D12-3 power was just right!
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One of several HPR birds that commanded the skies
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Doug with his Tumbleweed just before flight.
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And I caught it in flight!
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A Big Bertha takes to the air!
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A nice shot showing the large number of people making camp at the Amesbury field
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Not sure, but I believe that this is a Chrome Dome
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The smart folks came prepared for the cold and wind!
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Der Red Maxx finds good air!
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Connor, one of my Boys & Girls Club kids, has been coming to more and more of our launches.  Here he is trying to keep the wind from launching his models as he tries to pose for a picture!
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One of the reasons we braved the wind was for a piece of this anniversary cake!
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Too good looking for just one picture!
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A close up shows the detail the cake maker put into this cake.  He even put fins on the rocket!
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My daughter, Jen, was able to make her way to the field to help her dad and mom celebrate this very important milestone (thank you, sweetie :) )  She helped cut and serve the cake and kept us company for a good portion of the afternoon.
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Doug with his Avalear kit.  Doug spent a lot of time and did some beautiful finish jobs on these models!
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First of several prototypes that I flew this day.  This one is Goddard's L-13 rocket.  BT-60 based and powered by 18mm motors.
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Here you can see the rails that Goddard used to launch his rocket.
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Ready to go!
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A little quick on the shutter, but this really is a launch shot :)
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Next proto is tentatively called Mystic.  A unique tube finned rocket that will need some work as there isn't enough fin area there...  Back to the drawing board.
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Here's the launch photo.  At about 100 feet she began a slow end over end tumble under power.  Either have to add nose weight or fin area.  Will have to look at this one more closely in the coming months.
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And we have liftoff!
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Bill got an incredible glide out of this boost glider!  Way to go Bill!
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Deuce's Wild
is a GO!
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Claude had this very unique solution to the idea of a booster for the Decaffeinator.  No chance to test it on such a windy day, but there is always the next launch!
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The underside shows off the recessed motor mount and foil protected foam cup
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Top end view shows the stage coupler and end of the motor tube.  A very cool concept.
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I can't recall the name of this beast from Boris but it sure does grab your attention!
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Doug with his beautifully finished StarLoad with a payload of 3 golf balls
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And she flew just as nicely as she looks!
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Next proto up.  No name yet, but man she turned in a simply BEAUTIFUL flight!  Looks very sharp in the air!
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Another view.
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A side view shows you the unique fin arrangement.
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Fuzzy and too quick on the shutter, but here's the launch picture!
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Last of the new prototypes.  This one features a very unique engine mount with side pods patterned after the HERC-5 model.  Very kewl!
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Side view showing the split tube arrangement at mid-body.
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Here you get a better look at that cool engine mount.
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Perfect flight, even on the wind!
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John's upscale Mud-Wasp always turns in an impressive flight.
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Doug's beautiful Praetor-II (2 stage Praetor) looks SO cool in the air!
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However, a 2nd stage failure to light resulted in a lawn-dart.  The good news is that there was no damage!
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Bill shows me how he tapped up the parachute so that the Nantucket Sound wouldn't float away.  The flight was perfect and the model suffered only minor damage upon recovery.

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