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dsc04364.jpg (93097 bytes) 
My boiler-plate Goddard Rocket in a semi-scale launcher, as Scott looks on.
dsc04365.jpg (47815 bytes)
Liftoff!  This beauty, at 3.8 ounces, flew great on a B6-4.
dsc04365crop.jpg (14098 bytes)
Here's a close up shot of the launch.  She boosted to about 120 feet and deployed at apogee.  The parachute didn't snap open, however, until the model was about 6 feet from the ground!  Whew!
dsc04367.jpg (23059 bytes)
Tony launches his Thunderbird on a C6-3.
dsc04368.jpg (59408 bytes)
My proto tentatively called IONIC sits on the pad waiting for a count down (missed the launch shot... (see below))
dsc04371.jpg (50010 bytes)
Young and old mix it up at CMASS launches.  That's just the way it is :)
dsc04372.jpg (86190 bytes)"
Here's a shot of my booth on the field in Amesbury
dsc04373.jpg (45250 bytes)
A nice looking scale model takes to the air
dsc04374.jpg (13561 bytes)
My Decaffeinator wow's the crowd
dsc04375.jpg (26168 bytes)
This one wow'ed ME
dsc04376.jpg (72120 bytes)
Another proto.  This one is Goddard's L-13 design.  This time flying on a C6-5 motor.  Great flight!
dsc04378.jpg (36410 bytes)
Here she is coming off the pad.  I darn near missed getting it in the frame!  She was very quick off the pad.
dsc04379.jpg (99401 bytes)
The proto Mystic on the pad for her first flight on a B motor
dsc04381.jpg (19148 bytes)
This model just looks SO cool in the air!
dsc04383.jpg (20690 bytes)
Second flight of the Goddard rocket on a C motor.  Perfect flight and recovery
dsc04384.jpg (23637 bytes)
Claude's TWO stage Decaffeinator.  The custom booster worked perfectly and I hope to have Claude's plans on line in the next few weeks (thank you, Claude!)
dsc04385.jpg (65828 bytes)
Tony with his kit-bashed Pay Lord model.  Very nice!
dsc04387.jpg (26349 bytes)
We had so many beautiful models take to the air that it was hard to keep track!
dsc04390.jpg (25691 bytes)
The HPR pads were active all day too
dsc04392.jpg (19554 bytes)
Blue sky, red canopy.  Wow!
dsc04395.jpg (22289 bytes)
It wouldn't be a good launch without a Deuce's Wild in the mix!
claude_maina01.jpg (97369 bytes)
Claude Maina sent me this shot of their Frick-n-Frack drag race preparations!
Jim_Goddard_rocket.jpg (128179 bytes)
Tony Vincent took these shots of me an two of my proto's.  Here I am posing with the Goddard Rocket.  This gives you a good example of the size of the model.
Jim_Goddard_rocket_1.jpg (89605 bytes)
Preping the igniter leads
Goddard_rocket_lo1.jpg (84536 bytes)
Liftoff!  Haven't cleared the launcher yet, but under full power
Goddard_rocket_lo2.jpg (46146 bytes)
Out of the launcher and into the air!
Jim_prototype.jpg (77259 bytes)
Here I am hooking up the leads on the IONIC (Tentative name)
Jim_prototype_lo.jpg (57106 bytes)
This is another one that just looks SO kewl in the air!

Thank you, Tony, for these great shots

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