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CMASS October 25th
CMASS - 25-October, Amesbury

This was supposed to be our NEMROC weekend with a 2-day convention (1 day indoors and 1 day flying out on the field).  Due to all of the hard work going into planning for NARCON 2010 the club decided to cancel NEMROC and make this a 2-day sport fly instead.  That got knocked down to a 1 day launch when Saturday got rained out.

It was a windy day but that didn't diminish the spirits of many as we had about 50 people out on the field.  A small launch, but loads of fun with over 200 flights for the day.  FlisKits held a contest where you would received a raffle ticket for every FlisKits kit flown.  With 47 tickets returned that works out to about 20%+ of the days flights being FlisKits kits.  Wow!  That's simply incredible!  Congrats to Bob Harrington for holding the winning ticket.  He selected an Adfecta as his prize.

Hot Rod Rocketry was also present and held their own duration contest which was going on most of the day.  I don't know the results but will report them if I find out.

I spent Saturday at the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, MA attending the annual Weather Festival with a rocketry booth and build session for beginners.  It was a busy morning (9am - noon) with 3 build sessions and a very active booth.  After that it was a relaxing afternoon while waiting for the Sunday launch.  I didn't fly too much but got some important flights on a new proto type kit that I hope to have ready for the holidays. 

As for the photo's, I apologize for the launch photo's.  I had the camera set for indoor use so the photo's are a bit blue-shifted.  I fixed them to a point but didn't spend as much time as I probably should have.  They still look good though and I got some good ones :)

See you all in about 2 weeks for our next launch!

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