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The Saturday of this weekend was spent at the Weather Festival at the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, MA.  These first images are from that festival
dsc04793.jpg (45770 bytes)
My  booth setup with a focus on beginners and education
dsc04795.jpg (70523 bytes)
Some other booths and displays around the upper section included many with experiments the kids could perform with regard to weather
dsc04797.jpg (62997 bytes)
Many topics were covered, either directly or indirectly related to weather
dsc04799.jpg (59087 bytes)
They even had an active HAM radio set up with experienced operators
dsc04803.jpg (52787 bytes)
The NERFC display regarding river and other waterway forecasts.
dsc04804.jpg (80115 bytes)
Here I have a small group of kids building Whatchamacallit kits.  We have done this in the past with mixed results.  This year was incredible with each group larger than the one before!
dsc04805.jpg (82338 bytes)
Over the span of 3 hours we hosted 3 build session with over 20 kids in all!
dsc04806.jpg (67612 bytes)
Many of the kids were old enough to do all the work themselves.  Others needed the additional help from mom or dad.
dsc04807.jpg (86325 bytes)
It was a wonderful experience with everyone in the family getting involved
dsc04808.jpg (70005 bytes)
Everyone had a great time and got to walk away with a flyable model rocket and instructions on how to get it into the air (as well as information about our club launches)
The next day was our 2nd October club launch with CMASS in Amesbury, MA.  It was a very windy day but we STILL got in over 200 flights!

We also held a drawing where you received tickets every time you flew a FlisKits model rocket kit.  Over 47 tickets were given out meaning that over 20% of the kits flown this day were FlisKits!  WOW!  Congrats to Bob Harrington for having his ticket drawn for a free kit.

dsc04813.jpg (60125 bytes)
Tony (with the camera) and Bill have a drag race!
dsc04814.jpg (37160 bytes)
I fell in love with this Deuce's Wild!  The young man who flew it asked if you got a raffle ticket for each DIFFERENT rocket or for every flight even if it was the SAME rocket.  I told him, every flight, so if you only had one rocket, fly it lots of times for lots of tickets.  He must have flown this Deuce 6 times!
dsc04815.jpg (26775 bytes)
Perfect flight, start to finish!
dsc04816.jpg (49966 bytes)
Different Deuce.  There were a lot of them in the air today.
dsc04817.jpg (74266 bytes)
Paul gets his micro doo-Hickey on the pad.
dsc04818.jpg (31310 bytes)
And I caught it in flight!  These buggars are hard to get pictures off as they come off the pad so fast.
dsc04820.jpg (32281 bytes)
away! (there's that Deuce on the pad again :) )
dsc04821.jpg (18405 bytes)
This launch was interesting.  You can see the left motor under full thrust whereas the right motor is JUST coming up to power...
dsc04824.jpg (52522 bytes)
Boris with his 7 E9 cluster saucer.  oh man...  
dsc04826.jpg (31343 bytes)
Very kewl rocket with flame fins!
dsc04827.jpg (30874 bytes)
A 2-stage Cheetah takes to the air.  I saw about 4 Cheetah launches, 2 of them dual stage.  All parts recovered on all flights.
dsc04829.jpg (64054 bytes)
Hooking up the clips on a Whatchamacallit
dsc04830.jpg (38796 bytes)
Four D12 motors make for quite a show.
dsc04832.jpg (54028 bytes)
You can see the effect of the strong winds as the motor exhaust is quickly blown away.
dsc04835.jpg (28349 bytes)
A naked Thing-a-ma-Jig turns in a great flight on a C motors.
dsc04836.jpg (83477 bytes)
Even the HERC-5 got to show her colors!
dsc04837.jpg (45958 bytes)
Tony's Morning Star put in a great flight on a C11 motor
dsc04838.jpg (49390 bytes)
Scott put everyone in the mood for Halloween with his pumpkin rocket!
dsc04839.jpg (27129 bytes)
This is why I love flying with Scott...  It's raining pumpkins! LOL
dsc04840.jpg (66309 bytes)
HERC-5 under full power
dsc04841.jpg (51809 bytes)
Skyhook (i believe) underway
dsc04842.jpg (32831 bytes)
Oh!  Just too kewl!
dsc04843.jpg (28703 bytes)
We even had a fair share of high power birds fill the clear skies.
dsc04844.jpg (63615 bytes)
Tony hooks the clips up to one of his Quest birds (can't recall the models name)
dsc04845.jpg (55701 bytes)
THIS is why we do clusters!  Boris' 7 E motor cluster saucer screams into the air!
dsc04846.jpg (48829 bytes)
A Drake joins the other birds in the sky
dsc04847.jpg (49632 bytes)
Looks as cool in the air as it does on the ground.
dsc04849.jpg (24822 bytes)
There's that Deuce again!
dsc04850.jpg (33651 bytes)
A very nicely done Mercury Atlas is lofted on 3 D motors!
dsc04851.jpg (28305 bytes)
A Tres takes a very odd turn WITH the wind after clearing the launch rod.  Very odd indeed.
dsc04852.jpg (18920 bytes)
These are the types of model rockets that lead to UFO reports... LOL
dsc04853.jpg (76847 bytes)
For such a windy day we did have a nice crowd, but this was a small launch by CMASS standards, for sure.
dsc04854.jpg (31569 bytes)
HA!  I captured Paul's doo-Hickey on her second flight too!
dsc04859.jpg (26816 bytes)
Doug's Mars Lander on a D13.  Wow!
dsc04861.jpg (47964 bytes)
A bit out of focus, but Paul's Little Joe II put in a great flight on the HPR pads
dsc04862.jpg (21128 bytes)
Beautiful recovery too.  Too bad it nailed the hard pack roadway resulting in broken fins...
dsc04863.jpg (38802 bytes)
Yet another Deuce takes to the air!
dsc04865.jpg (26121 bytes)
Richter Recker
on 3 D12's turned in a great flight even in the wind!
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