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dsc03050.jpg (80826 bytes)
The CMASS crew sets up the field (note the standing water in the field...)
dsc03051.jpg (90892 bytes)
The FlisKits booth, in all her glory.  Shoulda brought the pop-up tent with me, it was a LOT sunnier than I thought it would be...
dsc03052.jpg (65133 bytes)
Steve shows off his brightly colored Frick-n-Frack!
dsc03053.jpg (64410 bytes)
Perfect flight on a pair of B6-0 motors!
dsc03054.jpg (78600 bytes)
Tony checks out his Thunderbird before flight.  The dark olive color sure makes it hard to see!
dsc03056.jpg (82059 bytes)
Heck, even in flight, against those trees, it is hard to see!  A bad chance of weather cocking sent this to lawn dart in a gravel field busting up the nose and forward 3" of the body but it looks very repairable
dsc03058.jpg (86849 bytes)
The Nantucket Sound proto ready for another flight (I have GOT to find the time to paint one of these things... LOL)
dsc03060.jpg (48642 bytes)
Fastest darned lighthouse in New England, I'll tell you wut!
dsc03062.jpg (73180 bytes)
Paul shows me his beautifully finished Frick-n-Frack (we had 4 different FnF flights today!)
dsc03063.jpg (110509 bytes)
On the pad and ready to WOW us!
dsc03064.jpg (82484 bytes)
Ok, now, is it just me or does something look odd about this picture??
DSC03064crop01.jpg (73890 bytes)
Here's Frick, but where the heck is Frack??
DSC03064crop02.jpg (46264 bytes)
Sittin' on the pad.  I guess Frack just wasn't in the mood to fly...
dsc03065.jpg (85974 bytes)
Gotta tape them motors in place better! Paul looks at the easy to recover booster contemplating a first ever in Frick-n-Frack history!  (at least we now know that the upper stage is stable, even when CHAD staged... LOL)
dsc03066.jpg (62685 bytes)
Another Frick-n-Frack takes to the air!
dsc03067.jpg (26416 bytes)
And gently returns to the launch area.
dsc03068.jpg (63230 bytes)
A little early on the shutter button, the motor had just lit under my Decaffeinator.
dsc03069.jpg (27495 bytes)
A great flight on a D12-3 with near field recovery.
dsc03071.jpg (110278 bytes)
One of the proto Saturn 1B 1:282 models on her maiden flight using only scale fins.  A large amount of nose weight was added to test this out.
dsc03072.jpg (35097 bytes)
Although naked, she's still a pretty rocket
dsc03073.jpg (28060 bytes)
Yeah I know, lots of pix, but she's new so...
dsc03074.jpg (53279 bytes)
Flight, not so pretty.  She was unstable, but not too terribly much.
dsc03075.jpg (82614 bytes)
Bob's Laser-X turns in a perfect flight.
dsc03076.jpg (55415 bytes)
That gave me time to add some buck-shot weight to the nose of the Saturn 1B and she turned in a perfect flight on a 1/2A3-4T motor.  I attributed a slight wobble to a crooked fin with the intent on fixing that before the next flight.
dsc03077.jpg (82386 bytes)
Tony's beautifully finished HERC-5 ready for flight!
dsc03078.jpg (60885 bytes)
Beautiful rocket, beautiful launch!
dsc03079.jpg (27547 bytes)
And a beautiful recovery to boot!
dsc03080.jpg (43108 bytes)
So beautiful I took another shot of it :)
dsc03081.jpg (24091 bytes)
My Pheord X150 redneck pick-up saucer haulin' dilithium to orbit...
dsc03082.jpg (19561 bytes)
One of Tony's many beautiful scratch built models made, of course, with quality FlisKits parts!
dsc03083.jpg (20995 bytes)
As pretty coming down as it was going up!  Too bad it landed in a pile of large boulders... (minor damage)
dsc03084.jpg (81892 bytes)
Paul and I thought it would be a great comparison photo, his Little Joe II vrs my Saturn 1B...
dsc03086.jpg (40249 bytes)
I didn't get a launch photo of the 3rd flight of the Saturn 1B, this time on an A3-4T, as I wanted to watch the whole flight.  Picture perfect and the corrected fin eliminated that wobble I saw earlier.  All done with just the scale fins for stability!
dsc03087.jpg (128086 bytes)
She laid herself out nicely upon reaching the ground.
dsc03088.jpg (95519 bytes)
The upcoming commemorative kit for NERRF-5.  No name for this kit yet, but a hands-down bet I can't call it the NERRF Rocket... LOL
dsc03090.jpg (28539 bytes)
Perfect flight on an A8-3!

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