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Tony Vincent's beautifully finished Thunderbird.  Tony didn't fly it today as the ice was just too hard to risk those beautiful fins!
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I'm reminded of the NSL we attended in Herne Texas and how the locals teased us for not taking too well to the heat.  I think I heard the term "wuss" more than once.  I would love to invite them up to one of our winter launches and we can discuss the definition of "wuss" as we collect fallen body parts from the icy ground... LOL
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I missed the launch, but Jim Salem returns with his Drake after a picture perfect flight.
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To give you an idea of how the cold affected many of us, it became easier to hold your rockets thusly as you worked to keep your hands warm! (see the saucer between his legs?)
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The frozen tundra of Acton, MA
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Photo illusion, that rocket is a LOT further away than it looks.
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A stretched Whatchamacallit (called the Throbulator) and it's upscale cousin!  Very kewl!
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The Throbulator puts in a perfect flight!
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A drag race between two Patriot missiles (look closely, the one on the right has JUST begun its accent.
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3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!
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Scott Clement's Big Bertha, old-school, takes to the air
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We were even visited by a local and his ski-sail adventures!
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A perfect Deuce's Wild boost with its proud owner looking on.
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Tony nearly slips on the ice as he backs away from loading his D-Nelson Tomahawk on the pad (the later it got the slipperier the ice got)
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Perfect launch, flight and landing!
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Saucers were aplenty today!
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Ill fainted flight of an R/C B/G as it arced over and nearly power pranged.
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Tony with his oft flown Frick-n-Frack 2 stage saucer.  This one had a rather hard flight which was a surprise in this dead calm air.
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Caught shortly after stage separation

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