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This short course titled Weird Science exposes the kids to a variety of scientific principles in a fun and exciting hands-on environment.  Unfortunately, I only have photo's from the Dry Ice day of this class.
DSC05701.jpeg (65590 bytes)
Kids learn about sublimation with the aid of dry ice (frozen carbon-dioxide)
DSC05702.jpeg (63574 bytes)
The effect of the released carbon-dioxide kept the kids occupied for a while.
DSC05703.jpeg (65291 bytes)
And we have SUCCESS!  Yes, these girls successfully attracted the attention of the guy with the camera...
DSC05704.jpeg (69092 bytes)
Not to be outdone, the boys begin to ham it up too
DSC05705.jpeg (50346 bytes)
Here the kids can see how sublimation and out-gassing can create jets of exhaust causing the small bits of dry ice to begin spinning.  Very similar to what happens when a comet gets close to the sun.
DSC05706.jpeg (63074 bytes)
Smile for the camera!
DSC05707.jpeg (36428 bytes)
More comets
DSC05708.jpeg (49055 bytes)
As the water cools down the sublimation slows down
DSC05709.jpeg (56068 bytes)
Here I prepare to freeze a flower in a super-cold liquid.
Short Movie
Showing the freezing then shattering of a flower in a super-cold liquid.

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