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Merrimack B&GC
Model Rocketry (beginner and advanced)

We run a rocketry (beginner and advanced) program every session in Merrimack.  In order to get into the advanced class you have to have 2-3 beginner sessions with me in the B&GC program.  That means that you will have built 4-6 beginner models with me before moving on to the advanced class.  By the time you are in advanced you will know how to assemble an engine mount, make parachutes, cut balsa, attach fins and apply glue filets.  You will also understand the CG/CP relationship, the need for proper grain direction in balsa and much more.  Many of these kid, by the time they have moved on to the middle school will have built 12 or more models in my classes.  These kids are very much INTO model rocketry!

This year our classes are massive as compared to previous years.  This presents some problems, the most notable is a lack of building supplies.  Being geared towards classes of 6-10, we find ourselves in a pickle with 16-18 beginners and 6-8 advanced kids.  We are correcting this and everyone is having the time of their lives!

This session I will be out of town during the time of our first scheduled launch, so that will be cancelled and we will fly all of our models during the last launch.  This presents other problems.  With the larger class and having twice as many models to fly, we're up against shorter days and a sun that sets before 5pm.  We may have to find another way (day) to get all of the models flown.

This session the beginners are building the Avalear and the advanced class, wanting to discover micro rocketry, is building the Intergalactic Man of Space (this will teach them the fine art of decal application!)

On the left is a photo album of the many pictures from this session.  I will do my best to post photo's from each week of the session.  The photo's will be loaded in chronological order (meaning the newest pictures will be on the bottom). 

If you see a photo of your child that you would like, send me an email with the filename of the photo and I can send you a high resolution version of the picture, suitable for framing.  

Enjoy this photo album!  Click on a thumbnail on the left to get a full size image in this panel.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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