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Week 1
dsc05093.jpg (64998 bytes)
Yowza!  I have a LARGE class again this session!  16 in the beginner class and 8 in the advanced class.  Good stuff!
dsc05094.jpg (53121 bytes)
Ross, one of my helpers, takes advantage of quite time to get homework done.  When needed he gets right to work helping the kids in class and helping me as well.
dsc05095.jpg (73077 bytes)
Everyone busy building their Avalear kits (beginners) and the Intergalactic Man of Space (Advanced class)
dsc05096.jpg (56475 bytes)
The last hour is just the advanced class as they work on their micro model.
dsc05097.jpg (55700 bytes)
They quickly realize that it's the same technique as with larger models, just harder to see... LOL
Next week we will complete these models.  I will be preparing the advanced class for designing their own rockets for construction in the 2nd half of the session.
Week 2
Not many pix.  I forgot I had the camera!
DSC05214.jpeg (64946 bytes)
Near the end of the beginners class and the start of the advanced class.  The beginner rockets are built and the kids relax with the catalog and sharing rocketry stories.
DSC05215.jpeg (63669 bytes)
The advanced class is working on two micro rockets, the Intergalactic Man of Space and the Dead Ringer.
DSC05216.jpeg (72289 bytes)
Both kits are a great introduction to the world of micro rocketry, so long as you have some good experience with larger birds.
Week 3
This was our first of 2 scheduled launches.  This launch had to be cancelled as I was called out of town.  We will launch all of our rockets at our 2nd, and final launch of the session during Week 7
Week 4
This would normally be our lecture week, but this was cancelled as it fell on Thanksgiving weekend.
Week 5
This week we get right back into it building our next rocket.  For the beginners it was the Over Drive.  The advanced class spent their holiday time designing their own rocket using the lessons learned in class.  This week they begin assembling their designs.  I was so busy with the beginner class that I never got a picture taken (sorry!)
DSC05672.jpeg (63226 bytes)
The advanced rockets all had some common elements (such as the engine mount and parachute).  I had the kids assemble these parts while I reviewed their designs for stability issues.
DSC05673.jpeg (60584 bytes)
The kids were determined to go further in their builds so I allowed them to glue up their body tubes and to begin cutting out their fins.
DSC05674.jpeg (59614 bytes)
To say that these kids were exciting watching their own designs come into shape would be an understatement!
DSC05675.jpeg (72329 bytes)
During a quite moment, Ross takes a break.  Don't let him fool you.  He's napping like a cat, with one eye and one ear open.  I would call out "Ross,"...  and his feet would be on the floor before I could finish with "help me pass out some tools..."  A very good helper!
Week 6
DSC05714.jpeg (58054 bytes)
The beginner class is preparing to start.  Here I have their kit bags (Over Drive) laid out (they put their names on the header cards)
DSC05715.jpeg (56857 bytes)
Here are some of the kits from last week.  We got the main body work done and the fin assemblies glued up, ready for attachment to the body tubes.
DSC05716.jpeg (57010 bytes)
Here the advanced designs are starting to take shape.  It was a lot of work setting up bagged kits that represented what the kids had designed.  At one point my helper Ross commented "They're building their own designs?!!?  We BEGGED you to let us do that!"  Man, was Ross ticked! LOL  
DSC05717.jpeg (40488 bytes)
I think these kids are really getting a feel for where this hobby can take them if they put their minds to it.
DSC05718.jpeg (57297 bytes)
Long fins may mean good stability but they are also a pain to get attached and a pain to KEEP attached, as Connor discovered.
DSC05719.jpeg (52737 bytes)
For my vote, the best design of the class.
DSC05720.jpeg (59193 bytes)
All of the designs were incredible, but this one had the best looking lines, the best balsa workmanship and, I think, the most creativity.
DSC05721.jpeg (44324 bytes)
Here's a close up of the fin area.
DSC05722.jpeg (58796 bytes)
A group shot of the advanced class and their finished creations!
Week 7
Ok, we ran into a problem...  A 3-fold problem.  First, my classes this year have more than doubled in size (17 beginners and 9 advanced (with the advanced kids building 2 micro kit and their own design).  Second, we missed our first launch (meaning we have about 60 rockets to fly) and Third, at this time of year we have about 45 minutes of daylight by the time classes start.  

Not Going To Happen... 

 We set up and got about 10 rockets in the air during class (those who could not make a Saturday launch) and they we scheduled a Saturday launch for the rest of the kids.  Everyone got their rockets in the air even though the temps were in the low 20's with wind chills in the single digits!

DSC05750.jpeg (36130 bytes)
First launch on Friday.  The sun is low in the sky and photo's were very hard to get!
DSC05751.jpeg (35287 bytes)
One of the advanced classes designs.  It was stable, but only marginally.  It tipped off the launch rod and continued straight on the path you see in the photo.  The model wound up on the roof of the school
DSC05754.jpeg (61424 bytes)
Two more advanced designs.  These kids did SO good designing and building (then flying) their own designs.  I can only hope they felt a fraction of the satisfaction that I felt with my first successful scratch built design back in the 1960's!
DSC05755.jpeg (32154 bytes)
Rocket AWAY!
DSC05756.jpeg (55946 bytes)
Closest to the pad and a good catch!
DSC05757.jpeg (56034 bytes)
Needless to say, Thomas was very proud of this rocket!
DSC05758.jpeg (28328 bytes)
All in all, we had nearly 100% success with the advanced kids designs.  For that matter, we had 100% success overall for all of the rockets flown!
DSC05759.jpeg (36353 bytes)
This was one of two recovery failures marking the only two for the entire session
DSC05760.jpeg (54726 bytes)
Avalears and scratch builts getting ready for flight
DSC05761.jpeg (55245 bytes)
The obligatory pose
DSC05764.jpeg (79990 bytes)
Two more scratch builts.  You can see all the kids and their parents who braved the cold on this fine Saturday afternoon.
DSC05765.jpeg (31632 bytes)
We have LIFT OFF!
DSC05766.jpeg (31643 bytes)
Two for two!
DSC05767.jpeg (23623 bytes)
Near field recovery is always fun, so long as we can avoid those darned trees!
DSC05768.jpeg (61297 bytes)
Hamming it up for the camera!
DSC05770.jpeg (26248 bytes)
Long, thin fins make for great stability but can be a hassle on landing.  This model lost one fin while landing on the hard pack snow.
DSC05771.jpeg (60280 bytes)
Two more Avalear's ready to go
DSC05773.jpeg (51334 bytes)
These kids were SO excited to see their rockets scream into the air then float back to earth
DSC05774.jpeg (65886 bytes)
Good catch, safe recovery
DSC05776.jpeg (46682 bytes)
A good chase, but not quick enough.  Safe landing though!
DSC05777.jpeg (58486 bytes)
Last of the Avaler kits ready for flight.
DSC05778.jpeg (34587 bytes)
A good performer every time!
DSC05780.jpeg (54013 bytes)
And we have a NEW closest to the pad winner!
DSC05781.jpeg (57705 bytes)
A Dead Ringer (micro kit) and the Over Drive.  And we have a Jim Flis impersonator on the field (coffee cup, hat, rocket... the math...)
DSC05784.jpeg (57624 bytes)
Hooking up the clips creates a whole new challenge in the, what we call, "stupid cold"...
DSC05785.jpeg (58480 bytes)
Another Dead Ringer and Over Drive
DSC05788.jpeg (48522 bytes)
And yet another!
DSC05791.jpeg (51597 bytes)
Some creative paint jobs on these rockets, that's for sure!
DSC05793.jpeg (49465 bytes)
I was surprised and pleased with how well the advanced kids did with the micro rockets.  On a cold day like this, bigger is far easier to work with!
DSC05794.jpeg (20904 bytes)
I actually captured a Dead Ringer during boost!
DSC05796.jpeg (51983 bytes)
Here comes the Over Drive for a safe grass landing!
DSC05800.jpeg (53395 bytes)
More camera hams!  This time an Intergalactic Man of Space with an Over Drive
DSC05801.jpeg (29723 bytes)
And I caught the Intergalactic Man of Space this time!
DSC05803.jpeg (54890 bytes)
An IMOS and another Avalear (guess we had one more left!)
DSC05804.jpeg (44312 bytes)
IMOS is transported to about 100 feet!
DSC05805.jpeg (30866 bytes)
With the Avalear close behind!
Many thanks to the kids and their parents during this launch.  I appreciate you taking time from your busy day to get your kids to this launch so that they would be able to fly.

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