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Week 1
Just 2 weeks (4 hours) to learn the technique and carve a pumpkin!  We have our work cut out for us.  The pumpkins we received were quite green, but the effect should be just as good as that with and orange pumpkin.  We will see next week!
dsc04720.jpg (74044 bytes)
Her pattern (an owl on a branch) transferred, she is ready to start carving.  She managed to fit her drawing within the only orange spot on her pumpkin!
dsc04721.jpg (56257 bytes)
Everyone worked very hard, picking up the technique very quickly.
dsc04722.jpg (65631 bytes)
Nick seems to be saying "you lookin' at me?" as he pauses while drawing his pumpkin.
dsc04723.jpg (66897 bytes)
Drawings complete, we begin to carve.  This is a VERY accelerated class as compared with what I delivered in Merrimack.
dsc04724.jpg (51041 bytes)
To provide inspiration, I displayed some of my pumpkins so that the kids could see why it was worth spending so much time and energy on a pumpkin carving.
dsc04725.jpg (75117 bytes)
Some still drawing, some beginning to carve, the whole class worked very hard for the whole 2 hours.
dsc04727.jpg (20809 bytes)
Here are the lit pumpkins that I had on display.
dsc04728.jpg (72739 bytes)
On the way home I was struck by the beauty of this lone maple tree.  Autumn in New England.  You have to love it!
Next week we finish our carvings and light our creations up!  Stay tuned!
Week 2
While not the best pumpkins we have ever had to work with, they served the purpose of helping teach this unique carving technique.
dsc04906.jpg (45306 bytes)
First pumpkin completed we got this one gutted and lit to spur on the rest of the class. Great job!
dsc04907.jpg (59625 bytes)
Working hard, following proper knife safety while carving.
dsc04908.jpg (67582 bytes)
This boys pumpkin rotted out over the past week so I gave him mine to carve.
dsc04909.jpg (40795 bytes)
One by one, the kids finished their pumpkins and we gutted and lit'em up!
dsc04910.jpg (40906 bytes)
The "burnt guy" makes for a great pumpkin subject.
dsc04911.jpg (44143 bytes)
Proof that pumpkins do not need Halloween themes to look good!
dsc04912.jpg (32006 bytes)
However, scary themes DO look good this time of year!
dsc04914.jpg (35983 bytes)
Nate had a heck of a time but he managed to get his pumpkin done and it looks a LOT better than Nate thought it would. Good job!
dsc04916.jpg (65022 bytes)
Group photo showing all of this years Litchfield pumpkin carvers!
Next week we begin a 3-week Flight Club to finish out the 5 week session.

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