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Week 1
dsc05034.jpg (57617 bytes)
Kids formed teams and we were tasked this week with getting the basic structure for the pin ball machine built
dsc05035.jpg (53633 bytes)
This involved putting a border fence around the piece of peg-board using drinking straws
dsc05036.jpg (62885 bytes)
It was time consuming and tedious but we kept the time passing with discussion about the class and goals.
dsc05037.jpg (60077 bytes)
All in all, each team did great and we are now ready to begin testing trap designs next week.
Next week we will begin to build traps and see the physics of the ball as it navigates the pin ball machine. 
Week 2
dsc05160.jpg (45056 bytes)
Hard to see, but we have some basic traps made and this team begins launching the ball to test basic operation
dsc05163.jpg (60668 bytes)
Our goal being to just build a trap or two went by the wayside as each team FILLED their boards with traps.
dsc05173.jpg (69714 bytes)
Hard to see the straws in this top-down picture, but they are there!
dsc05174.jpg (69287 bytes)
This gives you a better view.  Once launched, the ball will roll down the board either hitting or missing the various traps.

This short video shows one board with the ball being launched.
Next week we will focus on what worked this week with the intent to simplify our boards and collect some data on what does and does not work.
Week 3-7
Over the course of the remainder of this class I neglected to take many pictures nor to get them posted in a timely manner.  So I have taken the best shots and posted them all here.  Week 3 & 4 we focused on refining our games and learning more about the action.  Week 5 we designed paddles and rubber band powered ball launchers.  Week 6 we had contests and week 7 featured our championship rounds
DSC05234.jpeg (70475 bytes)
Here the kids are examining why their ball doesn't move along a certain path they have marked off
DSC05235.jpeg (55214 bytes)
Teamwork was key for the board to perform their best.
DSC05236.jpeg (70791 bytes)
This team had changing members and they struggled for a while trying to get items from an earlier member to work.  That's when I reminded them that this was THEIR board and they didn't need to keep anything that wasn't theirs.
DSC05237.jpeg (69430 bytes)
After making traps and paths, the kids test them out to see if they perform as desired
DSC05661.jpeg (63170 bytes)
Things that don't work are removed or changes.  Things that work well are often reproduced elsewhere on the board.
DSC05662.jpeg (65759 bytes)
We had 4 teams getting ready to go head to head!
DSC05663.jpeg (66421 bytes)
Some fine tuning to get just the right ball action
DSC05664.jpeg (69775 bytes)
Here you can see the green ball (lower left of board) approaching the first bumper. 
DSC05665.jpeg (42604 bytes)
A close up of the rubber band powered ball launcher we came up with.
DSC05666.jpeg (46601 bytes)
This view shows the plunger pulled back and ready to launch the ball
DSC05667.jpeg (70218 bytes)
The ball launcher helped to better control the speed of the ball (well, as long as they kept working anyway...)
DSC05730.jpeg (59454 bytes)
When, if the launcher stopped working, we could always resort back to using the ramp technique we used at first.
Best comment I got during this class was "This was not at all what I was expecting when I signed up.  It was a LOT better!" 
Movie 1
First test of a simple pin ball game.
Movie 2
Team testing out their pin ball game.
Movie 3
Trying 5 balls in play at the same time! 

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