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Week 3
This is a continuation of the 5 week program at Litchfield starting at week 3.  We now begin our Ornaments class for 2 weeks.
DSC05669.jpeg (41649 bytes)
Bag of Kissing Balls.  For the first 2 weeks we will be making decorative Styrofoam balls that are used as a replacement for mistletoe.  I forgot all about the camera till the end of the class.  We will finish these next week.
DSC05670.jpeg (54166 bytes)
Yeah, these kids are a little bit wired today... LOL
Week 4
DSC05692.jpeg (63938 bytes)
Back to work with beads and ribbon
DSC05693.jpeg (57415 bytes)
This young lady can't get enough of the camera!
DSC05694.jpeg (62353 bytes)
Nate had mixed feelings about this class but seemed to have fun creating
DSC05695.jpeg (51097 bytes)
All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and got to take home a nice ornament for the holidays.
DSC05696.jpeg (57957 bytes)
Proud of a job well done.
DSC05697.jpeg (58181 bytes)
Even Nate finally got into it!
DSC05698.jpeg (60682 bytes)
Without question, the best in show :)
DSC05699.jpeg (45415 bytes)
Congrats! You really did a wonderful job!
DSC05700.jpeg (52200 bytes)
They all were pretty and I am sure all enjoyed
Week 5
DSC05745.jpeg (74550 bytes)
Our last week before the holidays we made reindeer from clothes pins, ribbon, felt and beads.
DSC05746.jpeg (70526 bytes)
3 times I worked to get this shot...
DSC05747.jpeg (72687 bytes)
FINALLY!  Got everyone focused on their work :)
DSC05748.jpeg (64789 bytes)
The kids loved working with the glue gun.  Oddly enough, I neglected to get any pictures of the reindeer we made! (SORRY!)

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